Watching cat videos is often an activity relegated to the last few hours of the workday when productivity is on the wane. The Walker Art Center hopes to turn this solitary proclivity into something a bit more social with the return of the Internet Cat Video Festival. This year, however, the event will take place at the Minnesota State Fair grandstand to accomodate larger crowds. The new venue will also have three large LED screens for maximum cat-inspired enjoyment.

Much like last year’s event, the videos will be divided into various categories, including drama, comedy, foreign film, and lifetime achievement. The change in venue will result in only one major policy change: no actual cats allowed this time around. There will also be a $10 entrance fee this year.

Drawing in around 10,000 cat-lovers last year, the fest garnered significant national press—even prompting New York Times writer David Carr to ponder the end of civilization.