We’re just about excited for the next installment of the Liquid Music Series, the innovative new music project from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, as we are about anything else in the series. Believe us: If you at all like classical or experimental music, you cannot miss this show.

Violist and violinist Miranda Cuckson will perform a set of contemporary pieces composed “on themes of wind, air and light” and she’ll be joined by Nina C. Young, who will be “on electronics”. Essentially the signal from Cuckson’s instrument will be run through a series of electronic patches through which Young will modify and intensify the sounds produced and add extra layers of complexity and character to the pieces. It’s amazing-sounding stuff—from what we’ve heard of the pieces, it’s visceral music that’s going to provide an incredible listening experience.

You can read Young explain more the process going into the performance on the Liquid Music blog, and you’ll want to get your tickets to the show which is next Saturday, November 14th at 8 PM at Amsterdam in STPL.