Minnetonka Tightens Rules on Revealing Leggings

Minnetonka High School Principal Dave Adney sent an e-mail to parents asking them to encourage girls to stop wearing tight leggings and yoga pants that are “highly distracting for students.” The debate has exploded from students on social media, but parents are backing Adney on this decision.

“This new trend doesn’t seem right, it’s troubling,” Adney told the STrib. “Cover your butts up—I’m going to say it straight up. We’re seeing too much.” One Skipper suggests teachers wear spandex to make the trend uncool. That might work, but anyone violating the dress code will have to make a long walk to the principal’s office.

7 thoughts on “Minnetonka Tightens Rules on Revealing Leggings

  1. Free

    Those distracting womenfolk with their bodies! We really need to control how they do and don’t display them. /s This is what patriarchy looks like, kids.

  2. Sol

    This is not about adults making choices for themselves, Free. This is about the sexualization of children and the capacity to keep schools within some standards. Neither men nor women can come to work wearing whatever they want in the adult world. There are climates that foster learning and creativity and responsibility… and then there are standards that promote chaos and the carbonization of hormones. When it comes to schools, focus on education and not sex-fashions seems to be what we pay taxes for.

  3. jargon

    Is it a thing that exists and you don’t agree with it? Must be the patriarchy’s fault. Just this morning I couldn’t find one of my shoes. I was all like, “Damn you patriarchy. damn you all to hell.”

  4. Free

    Jargon, was that even an argument?

    Sol, you’re right. This is about the sexualization of young girls. Why is it that when I went to high school wearing skin-tight jeans (basically dude-jeggings because of how much elastic was in it), that wasn’t seen as “distracting from education?” Because young women haven’t been taught that any time I draw attention to my body, it’s sexual.

    Young men have been taught that every time a women brings attention to her body (and a lot of times when she does not), she is making herself a sexual object. If we stopped raising our young men in this mentality, then we would realize that how young women cover their legs has (at least inherently) as little capability to “distract” from students’ educations as how young men do the same.

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  6. Peter

    Free- Your first remarks seemed emotionally charged
    Sol- I completely agree with your statement
    Free, about your second post-  At some degree I hear your point, I see you agree with Sol but I wonder how much. The point of free expression whether female or males should be embrassed without the “Patriarchy”you referred to.  However, like Sol said, in the adult world and in any culture, you dress according to the establishment you are going to.  To say that we train our young men to think, refealing cloths = sexaul object is obsurd in my opinion.  You appear to forget your time of puperty, and, during this time the navigation of sexual exploration is exciting and confusing.  To assume that our educational system has to handle this human natural phenomenon on top of providing informned youth goes to show that you may be lacking the ability to provide direction,education, and/or parenting skills to teach a child the ways of the human nature; and feel it appropriate to shout out with great emotion your distaste of a imperfect system that is more complex than I think you imagine.  If you believe whole heartidly that Fashion(for guys or girls) has no connection with the subconscious and the intent to attract a mate. Then, I sincerily suggest you educate yourself more about this science.  It would create a better plateform for your worries about Patriarchy, and, would hopefully create better involvement and responsibility to talk with your child(if you have one) the joys,the dangers, and appropriateness of self expression.

  7. Peter

    …and yes I see there are typos but hopefully any discrepancies are based on the content, not my grammer.

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