The Packers may have defeated the Vikings during the playoffs, and even though football season is over, a little healthy competition between residents of the team’s host states still remains.

According to MinnPost, a report was released  by UW earlier this week revealing that Minnesota has rivaled back from defeat and came out on top over Wisconsin on 39 of 51 health indicators. Wisconsin health officials have used this report and the natural rivalry between our states to encourage its residents to engage in healthier habits.

Fewer smokers, fewer obese children, and fewer people engaging in excessive drinking are just some of the indicators Minnesota rated better on. And while Wisconsin may have scored higher when it comes to the amount of adults eating more fruits and vegetables a day, it also takes claim to having the highest percentage of binge drinking residents in all of the U.S. (But with all the cheese and beer they’re surrounded with and only a smelly NFL team to cheer for, who can blame them?)