Since many of our readers don’t read anything except statistics about how spiders could eat every human on Earth no problem, we feel we should share some of the important-to-you stories being shared around the SotC virtual water cooler, so that you’re properly briefed before your happy hour.


News: It’s finally breaking that Live Nation will be building a new big club over by the Twins Stadium.

Notes: A couple things. First, they’re going to call the club The Fillmore, like many other famous clubs throughout the country. At the very least they should call it The Fillmore North, get on brand! Second, it’s going to be attached to a Westin extended stay “hotel concept”, which makes it seem like a downtown entertainment complex, which is kind of weird? Then there’s also that it’s another move to do directly compete with First Avenue, which has always seemed like a bad idea, but especially now that the club has insane large venue shows—2 Chainz, Beck, Spoon—over at the Palace in St. Eazy. But! If this saves us from having to drive to Maplewood to Myth to see Run the Jewels, it’s maybe worth it.

News: The new Lynhall opens today in Lyn-Lake.

Notes: Don’t call it Uptown!™ Speaking of concepts, there’s a new restaurant that’s a bakery, a restaurant, and a kitchen studio, and a space for food start-ups. That’s all fine, but what’s pretty crazy is the names involved: Kristin Volk Tyborksi formerly of The Dakota, Shane Oporto formerly of La Belle Vie, pastry chef Katie Elsing formerly of Icehouse, even Tyler Lanzi, formerly of Dogwood Coffee. Word of warning or encouragement: The new space is full of communal-style tables. 


News: Saturday is St. Peazy’s DFL endorsing convention for mayor.

Notes: Since a DFL endorsement pretty much leads to being elected in MPLS + STPL, it’s a big deal. To our knowledge, and sort of like in MPLS, the candidates vying to replace Stormin’ Chris Coleman have said little to distinguish themselves from each other. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know who they are, and the leaders so far are Melvin Carter (who is Executive Director of Governor Dayton’s Minnesota Children’s Cabinet), Council Member Dai Thao (who allegedly had campaign staff improperly solicit donations), and Council Member Pat Harris. Get a look at some coverage of the candidates from the PiPress round-up.