Maybe it was because Nick joined the throngs of buff and beautiful Hollywood men and Joe just couldn’t deal. Maybe it was because Joe just wasn’t feeling the whole boy band vibe and wanted to return to his solo career (a lá Justin Timberlake). Or maybe it was because Kevin was too busy filming his less-than-stellar reality show Married to Jonas (Us Weekly says wife, Danielle, is pregnant). Well, whatever the reason, the Jonas Brothers have called it quits on their upcoming tour.

Set to begin on Friday, the 19-day tour never even made it out of the starting gate. Less than 24 hours after inspiring a stadium full of young people to stop thinking about “me” and start thinking about “we” at Minnesota’s We Day, it seems the only words flying from their vocally-gifted mouths are “me, me, me.” In a recent statement, the band claimed the split was a result of “creative differences,” whatever that means.

So were We to blame? St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center performance seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back—although we could tell something was fishy when Mpls.St.Paul Magazine senior editor, Allison Kaplan, interviewed them on the red carpet. But despite so many unanswered questions, one is certain: They obviously didn’t learn much about Minnesota Nice while in town. Come on, boys. Can’t you just say “Sorry” and make up?