Is Peavey Plaza Worth Saving?

The City Council is considering demolishing and rebuiling the 1970s Peavey Plaza, as a means of addressing myriad concerns with crime and useability. Others say the plaza as a significant work of modernist architecture—work worth saving. The Heritage Preservation Committee voted against demolition. The Council has the power to overturn the ruling, in which case demolition could start next year. Stay tuned for a report on the site, which would determine its status as a historic resource.

One thought on “Is Peavey Plaza Worth Saving?

  1. Trish Brock

    In a miscarriage of justice that completely overlooked what was on the table – is Peavey Plaza a historic resource?- The Zoning and Planning Committee voted to destroy Peavey Plaza. On more than one occasion, members of the committee asked what they were voting on. And they still couldn’t get it right. Most of the testimony in the public hearing was irrelevant. Members of the handicapped community had been set up the night before, by Z & P Chair and members of the committee, for a shamefaced display in council chambers. But simply stated (in testimony by the City of Minneapolis), the wheelchair ramp doesn’t work because it is usually loaded with event equipment. Therefore, our nationally renowned, highly acclaimed, heritage cultural landscape, Peavey Plaza, needs to be done away with. And the entire city council, excepting one, agreed. (Worth noting: on the occasion of every public hearing and in letters written to city representatives, an overwhelming majority of citizens wanted to retain our original Peavey Plaza.)

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