In the Market for Tickets?

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On March 27th, the Minnesota House voted to pass an amended version of House Bill 657, severely restricting Minnesota fans’ ability to buy tickets at face value.  The amended legislation is very similar to New York State law, where this fan protection has essentially been banned temporally.  This type of legislation effectively prohibits the use of paperless and will-call ticketing, and has allowed scalpers to continue to run rampant (and reap huge profits at fans’ expense) during the ticketing process for New York events.  Enactment of this legislation would be a serious blow to Minnesota events, venues, and especially fans.
Have you tried buying tickets for events recently?  I have and they sell out during presales due to the scalpers.  It is obvious when you see all the tickets for sale on the scalping sites immediately for ridiculously high prices.  Some performers have already said they won’t come to MN if we enact this legislation.