When there are reality shows dedicated to frosting dozens of cupcakes or people who drink laundry detergent, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the latest TV pilot involves ice fishing in Minnesota. As the STrib reports, a 13-person crew from Jupiter Entertainment arrived in Isles, Minn. last weekend for the annual Fisherman’s Wharf’ ice fishing contest, gathering footage and seeking out “characters” to feature on a new reality pilot for truTV. The show, which has yet to be named, will focus on owners Daron and Lori Stenvold and their many staff, patrons, and guests. The crew hopes to capture some of the daily struggles that come with running the Wharf as well as the varied personalities that ice fishing attracts.

While some citizens of Isle welcomed the film crews wholeheartedly, others expressed concern that the show will portray the culture of ice fishing in a less-than-flattering light. As the STrib reports, crews already caught several woman stripping off their snowsuits to reveal bikinis while taking shots out of a snow ski. Forget 72-day marriages in the city of angels, TV execs may have just discovered our own taste of crazy reality right here in the frozen tundra.