Here was our deep thought from the weekend: Bloody Marys are the martinis of brunch drinks. One is all right, two is two many and three is not enough. One and a half is the magic number—the summit of Bloody Mary Mountain, if you will. Any more and you’re a goner. If you have two, you’re tipsy by the time you finish your hashbrowns, then hungover and sleepy by 2 p.m. There’s a small peak at the moment Bloody Mary #3 arrives, but it’s because you’re drunk, and that descent is even worse. Next thing you know you’ve barhopped your Sunday away, or spent it eating an entire Heggie’s pizza in front of Sons of Anarchy (OK, that actually sounds awesome, anything but Scandal). Either way, you feel like a garbage person on Sunday night. Do what you need to do, but just be careful.