Who hasn’t walked away from a group of people dishing out dirt on everyone and immediately felt paranoid? What were they saying about you? Last year, the Twin Cities hosted more than 27 million visitors from across the country, and now that they’ve walked away . . . we’re paranoid. What are they saying about us? Listen up, Minnesota, because here is the rundown from MinnPost.

The Good

  • We’re “hip” and Mall of America is mind-blowing. We’re kind of over the mega-mall, but we know how much tourists love it.
  • People like our bike friendliness, dining options, and music scene. In fact, Lonely Planet named us the 8th best travel destination in the U.S. for 2013.
  • We’re cheaper than other destinations, but trendy. Um, thanks?
  • We have F. Scott Fitzgerald. Apparently that’s a big draw for the people over at Travel + Leisure.
  • We’re nice. Duh.

The Bad

  • Winter. We get it. It’s cold here. Get. Over. It.
  • We lack culture. The person who contributed this comment to VirtualTourist must’ve been joking.
  • We have no oceans or mountains. Wait, we don’t?