Groundswell Coffee in St. Paul is proposing a unique incentive for potential investors. In exchange for the purchase of a $1,000 share in the company, rather than a boring monetary dividend, investors are offered a free glass of wine or beer per day for the rest of their lives.

Owned by Seth McCoy and Tim Gilbert, Groundswell is in the Hamline-Midway district of St. Paul and is hoping the enticing offer will be a good way for the local business to attach itself to the community. McCoy and Gilbert hope to sell at least 50 shares in order to expand into the vacant yarn shop next door. They have hired a designer and contractor and plan to turn the new space into a bakery and wine bar accented with wood and 1950s-60s era orange and green tones.

While the offer may sound profitable (and intoxicating), in the long run, the potential return on investment is also contingent on the survival of Groundswell Coffee itself.