While downtown food trucks are currently in hibernation for the winter, bricks and mortar restaurateurs in the heart of Minneapolis are assembling to discuss ways to prevent them from siphoning off their business come spring, according to WCCO. When the snow melts and the flowers bloom, the food trucks come out in full force and take over the two-block stretch of Marquette between 6th and 8th streets, directly below many skyway competitors.

The main concern voiced by the owners of skyway restaurants is the high concentration of trucks in the very small area on Marquette. And while the trucks do pack themselves in on Marquette like sardines in a can, they’re all perfectly in line with the current food truck ordinance. As such, the permanent restaurant owners are hoping to persuade city leaders to adjust the current ordinance and change it to protect property tax-paying businesses, specifically by asking the trucks to spread themselves out through the city.