Kids these days: noses in their iPhones, ignoring the world around them. Even (or especially) when you take them somewhere educational like a museum. But what if the phone was the one taking them to the museum? That’s the idea behind History Hero, a new app from Edina game designer Mitch Zamoff. Zamoff is, in addition to the CEO of Mind Gamez, a lawyer, professor, volunteer, and dad.

In History Hero, the player joins the International Committee on Extraterrestrial Threats and fights “the Erasers”: green, four-armed aliens with protruding, oversized brains. The erasers want to destroy our history to make us weaker so they can invade in earnest. Hey, it’s better than the plot of some movies. Just stop by one of the featured historic sites, launch the app, and get a guided, interactive tour where you fight aliens instead of boredom.