Parade: a film by Jaime Carrera / Tyler Jensen, starring Kimberly Lesik, with music by ‘Daydreaming’ by Dark Dark Dark

by Juleana Enright

Born and raised in a variety of Minnesota suburbs, aberrant filmmaker Tyler Jensen is a paragon of the art community’s fostering nature. By the time he was a teen – after several experiments in film making with happy meal toys, his father’s camcorder and scenes from Rocky Horror Picture Show – Jensen had been accepted into the Media Program at the Perpich Center for Arts Education where his shorts, photography and animations received Honorable Mentions from the Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards and Regional Arts and selected into numerous film festivals across the country.

His provocative films have been shown at local theater houses and film festivals from the IFP’s Cinema Lounge, Cinema and Civics, The Grain Belt Artist Series, to Queertopia, the Walker Arts Center and Cinema Revolution. In 2009, Jensen was fortunate enough to work as an assistant alongside cult/satire director, Todd Solondz while filming his latest feature, “Life During Wartime”.

Recently, Jensen has worked on a series of successful collaborations with Minneapolis-based performance artist/photographer, Jaime Carrera, including the crowd-pleasing short “Station” which will be featured on this season’s TPT telecast, MNTV Showcase (December 12 & 19th) and which sparked the inspiration for the innovative quasi-prequel films, “Discord,” “Parade,” and “Passing.” His films not only showcase innovation and an eye for raw, callous emotion, but harness an arts comradery by using local actors and actresses and often featuring tracks from Twin Cities bands.

Look for Jensen’s works during the revival Minneapolis Project at this year’s Minneapolis Underground Film Festival at MCAD as well as brand new collaborations with Jaime Carrera debuting at the Dance Film Project at the Southern Theater December 17th, and at The Swine Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl December 10th and 11th.  And be sure to check out Jensen’s promo video about dream dates for the new opening of Psycho Suzi’s.

For more original shorts and collaborations from Tyler Jensen, check out