“It’s a trend that’s happening in all the coolest cities, so why wouldn’t it happen in Duluth?”

That’s the attitude of Tim Nelson, co-owner of Duluth landmark Fitger’s Brewhouse, when asked by the Duluth News Tribune about the food truck movement coming to his city. Unexpectedly supportive, for a bricks-and-mortar restaurateur.

Welcoming seems to be the prevailing attitude in Duluth, where food trucks such as The Rambler and Chow Haul recently started popping up. It must be a sign of the times then, that the unregulated industry is coming under City Council review next week. The Council will vote on an ordinance dictating how far away trucks have to park from restaurants, and how much their licenses should cost.

Will it lead to a food truck boom on the North Shore? Probably nothing drastic, but we’re all in favor of this food-forward progress.