Downtown Restaurants Bitter About Foodtrucks

Times are tough for local food establishments near the Metrodome and some believe it’s Mayor R.T. Rybak’s fault. Some restaurants complain of business being down as much as 20-50 percent on Sundays and they attribute this to the mayor’s emphatic public support for food trucks on Vikings game days. Mamhoud Elgamil, owner of Pizza La Vista, and Russell King, owner of the Alley Bar and Restaurant, both claim that the mayor is unfairly disregarding them. Elgamil told 5 eyewitness news that Mayor Ryback should take into consideration that he has property taxes and employees to pay, citing that food trucks have it way easier; they aren’t burdened by as many bills.

One thought on “Downtown Restaurants Bitter About Foodtrucks

  1. Andrew Korf

    So… how about they offer something the food trucks dont? better food, better atmosphere, better service, better price? Competition and foot traffic is good, the food trucks make the city a better place – come on guys, step up your offering and compete on your own merits or value instead of getting the city to help you by limiting consumer choice.

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