Your office is boring. There’s no energy. No color. No conversation. You’re  trapped in a cube. And frankly, you’d spit in your middle manager’s Starbucks latte to get just a smidge of workplace collaboration.

Basically, your office is the opposite of CoCo, which is opening its third location. This one in Uptown. So maybe there’s hope for you after all.

Opening its doors to St. Paulites in 2010, the co-working and collaborative space concept jumped across the river to Minneapolis, and now plans to expand again, according to the Pioneer Press.

With both buildings at capacity, an Uptown location is expected to open mid-September. The space will feature a host of amenities, including a movie theater, tap room, pool room, and lounge.

Oh, yeah. People will be working there, too.

A rendering of the new Uptown location, courtesy of CoCo.