No doubt you’ve formed your own opinions about the breweries that are sprawling across Minnesota, but now you have the opportunity to take part in the craft beer boom (beyond just drinking, that is).

Northeast Minneapolis is poised to become home to the state’s first co-op brewery. Fair State Brewing’s three owners recently signed a lease on Central Avenue, with plans for a May 1 opening.

Slap down a couple hundred bucks in the name of craft brewing, and you’ll receive perks that include a vote on the board of directors, happy hour specials, annual refunds on their individual spending, and dividends from profits. One hundred and twenty five members have already taken the plunge. While most of the funds for the brewery come from investors, the owners of the brewery-to-be decided to use a co-op model to gain more capital. Wisconsinites, however, take note: Currently, membership is available only to Minnesota residents.