Photo credit: “Eric Elvendahl”

A few months ago in our Who to Hear we gave you heads up about the new danceable electro-pop project Holidae from singer-songwriter Ashley Gold and synth wrangler Garrett Neal. Well the duo—who have just over 500 facebook fans for the band and only one (albeit very, very good) single on soundcloud—just won the Star Tribune-First Avenue contest to play the Mainroom and SxSW. Before that big deal Mainroom show, which is Friday, we checked in with Holidae to see what their next few months looks and sounds like.

Secrets of the City: When is that album coming out? We’re tired of waiting!

Holidae: You don’t have to wait much longer. Our debut album Tantrum drops Friday, April 22nd. We are planning a release show at Icehouse that same night to celebrate! Fun fact: it’s also Earth Day and a full moon on the 22nd.

Secrets: How do you plan your live show experience in relation to the music?

Holidae: Great question. (Secrets: Thank You.) It’s ever evolving. What we really strive to do is create an experience for the audience. In the past we’ve had live modern dance, projections, art installations and light shows all in tandem with the music. The music, albeit very important, is just one element of the live show – the visuals take it to a whole other emotional level. That being said, you really never know what you’ll get with us but it’s certain to make an impression.

Secrets: You’re basically “blowing up” out of the gate, which is great, but rarely happens. Do you see that as a result of your music and live show, or because you’ve both done so much as individual artists before Holidae, or both?

Holidae: Ha! We’ve been prepping for this release for over two years so what can be viewed as “blowing up out of the gate” is in reality, a lot of hard work and preparation “behind the gates”. There are a lot of factors at play here: People have fun at our shows and that’s a big factor but it’s way more than just the music or the shows. It’s the people we surround ourselves with: We have a great management team in Riverside Mahalo. Without Justin Fitterman and Blake Iverson, we wouldn’t be on the path that we are on. We have also been working with a very talented artist named Rachelle Horowitz who has been with us since our very first show at the Sound Gallery (R.I.P.) She’s our art Angel. And the same can be said about our friends and our families: these folks are our inspiration. Simply put, it’s a matter of support and community: The Twin Cities scene is like none other than we’ve ever know. People in this scene lift each other up with no hesitation. That’s something we can say that we are grateful to be a part of.

Secrets: What are you post-SxSW plans? Tour? MPLS + STPL shows leading up to the album?

Holidae: We’ve got plans. We would love to take this show on the road and plan to do so in the months following after the album release. We really wanna play Jimmy Fallon (wink wink nudge nudge). We have a few shows in town gearing up for the release. We will be participating in two MN Fashion week events and will be a part of the Domestic Abuse Project spring event on April 14th. Check our FB page and our Instagram @holidaempls for all the details. And Jimmy, if you’re reading this, we love you.