Central Corridor Construction Affecting Area Businesses

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Mark Gisleson Jan 24 2012
4:21 pm

And despite the length of that MPR report, there’s not one single word about the absolute and total failure of the construction crews to properly manage traffic. Time and again they refused to create turn lanes and then refused to put up no left turn signs which paralyzed intersection after intersection as insanely selfish drivers held up long lines of cars and trucks while they blocked intersections waiting to make a left turn. The city could have easily assigned traffic cops to straighten out these messes, but they never did.
This project made life a living hell for folks in Midway every bit as much as it killed our local businesses (somehow I suspect Walmart will muddle through somehow).
I’ve made similar comments here and elsewhere, and always there’s a mass trans fan to chide me and remind me of the benefits of light rail, something which makes it easier for the suburban parasites to get to their cushy downtown jobs without actually having to interact with all the rabble who live between their outerburbia homes and inner city jobs.
I don’t disagree with the final outcome of this project, but I suspect that any project that wreaked havoc on Woodbury or Edina would have been halted and fixed immediately. Midway? Midway can go fuck itself, that’s the message I’m getting loud and clear.

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