Cyclists have guts. Not only because some choose to face the bitter cold of Minnesota winters, but because they also pedal along next to vehicles that could possibly put a dent in their day. It can seem dangerous to ride around our streets on two wheels, and as Minnesota Daily reports, the U of M may be the most dangerous place to bike.

The results of a 10-year bike-crash study released earlier this week revealed that three spots around campus accounted for 43 accidents over the decade that was studied. With the release of this study comes the question, cyclists vs. drivers: who’s to blame? You may not be surprised to find that both are almost equally responsible when it comes to accidents. Even less surprising are some of the reasons: distracted driving, failing to adhere to traffic rules, and not paying attention to traffic control devices used by bikers. And while finding a solution around campus is proving to be tricky, one thing can certainly be agreed upon, both bikers and drivers need to show they care about one another and become better educated not only on bike safety, but the rules of the road, especially around campus.