Buckle up, Minneapolitans. We’re about to discover the convenience (or strangeness?) of car-sharing next month.

According to Autoblog, Car2go recently announced that it will be expanding its service to the city with 300 Smart Fortwo two-seater cars.

Here’s how it works: subscribers can walk up to any of the Car2go vehicles on the street (or make a reservation, but they aren’t required) and simply scan their membership card. The car will unlock, and you’re good to go. You can drive anywhere for any amount of time. The best part? Gas, recharging, and insurance are paid for.

We’re still trying to wrap our heads around the concept of car-sharing (who knows what the previous renter did in that car?), but apparently the Daimler-owned company is doing something right. It’s already set up shop in 10 other North American cities—the most recent being Denver in May—but Minneapolis is the first Midwest city to test the service.