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Now that things have settled down a little in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, it’s a good time to go hunting! The Sheridan Room precisely at 337 on 13th is quite possibly the hipster capitol of the world. So roll up your skinnies and park your fixie right up front cause we’re rolling hard for meat. The Sheridan Room Burger is all scratchy and totes chef driven. Bun is onion and semi-sweet. Liked it. The grind is chuck and brisket so the pedigree is strong. Major league juicy town. Beard wipes galore. Medium be doing, which is nice. V loose pack on the meat. The burger is smothered in a super smooth gruyere. It’s yummy. There’s a magical cipollini onion jam that’s really just there the whole time. Adding depth to each bite. The lettuce is on the bottom where it belongs. Some sneaky mushrooms and a dijonnaise finalize the show. It’s a journey but they’re all together. Top marks chef. Comes with fries or an artsy salad. Loved the burger, love the place. Now there’s a nice aftershock of flavor that’s very lasting, reminding you of all its glory. Pro tip: Glass block windows are almost always a score. You see them you go in.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.7   Presentation: 9   Originality: 9

The Sheridan Room, 337 13th Ave NE, MPLS; thesheridanroom.com