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Rockford Road/ take me home/ to the place/ I belong. We know that would have to be a burger joint somewhere . . . The Rock Elm Tavern in Plymouth, MN is starting to earn some really good burger banter in the foodiesphere. Okay, let’s go! The Rock Elm Burger is their big home run hitter. This beauty is boss. The meat is angus grass fed from the sustainable legends in Olivia, MN Revier Cattle Co. Now these burgers literally glisten. They are shiny af! The reason for that I believe is because the cows are fed flax seed for the last 6 weeks. It not only makes these burgers runway ready and all pretty but adds a depth of flavor that grass fed beef honestly needs. Also makes them healthier than salmon. That’s the rumor anyways. Ok let’s move on . . . Bun is totes my style. Soft and butter grilled. From Emma Krumbee’s in New Prague, MN. The burger is topped with a candied walnut aioli that I’d like to spread on everything in life. They use a montamore cheese that’s simply magical. It’s in the parm family, so yeah, get to know. The mushrooms are house roasted and come to party. Although the sweetness from the candied aioli keeps them in check. They are just right there, not all up in your biz. If you haven’t noticed there’s a giant flavor bomb going on here. It’s a sweeter ride, but the bitter green beast arugula helps calm that done a notch or two. This burger is ridiculously good. There’s a creaminess with the toppings, a perfect med cook, and hella juicy. Everything is soft. Beautiful inside and out.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.2   Presentation: 7   Originality: 10

Rock Elm Tavern, 16605 County Road 24: Suite 211, Plymouth; rockelmtavern.com