Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. He gets fan mail from our readers and from restaurants! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram.

Once in a great while you just require a man with a top hat to open the door for you. You guessed it! This hunt happens at the St. Paul Grill, conveniently located on ground level of the historic St. Paul Hotel. Upscale hunting is so hot right now. “You there, grab me some more bread. Post haste.” Get bossy and dial in cause this place is calm. The Bacon Cheeseburger is now on trial. Starting with the bun, it’s a potato roll all floured up and super airy. Way good. Grilled. Really fresh. The meat is black angus hundo p and lightly char grilled. Flat out a summer burger. You can taste it right away. It’s got a mad garden going on, too. All fresh ah. See I do listen to reader comments! Two large tomato slices lead the charge. So delicious. A crispy piece of super green lettuce that you know was cleaned twice and inspected for color consistency. Red onion and a pickle complete the salad. The burger is smothered in cheddar and y’know it’s a winner when you get that gooey pull on the first bite. That combo of cheddar and juicy flame grilled beef is an OTP bestest. IKEA effect hard brah. FR. That’s why we all love it. The thick-cut bacon is the flavor boost on this clean garden town. It’s flying. Crunchy and almost worth just a side order of it. Now the burger might not be your first choice on a menu this strong but it also will not disappoint! Pro tip: Order a gallon of the Cream of Minnesota Wild Rice Soup (best ever).

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.4   Presentation: 9   Originality: 7

St. Paul Grill, 350 Market Street, STPL; stpaulgrill.com