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We’re Living Hi-Lo dirty clothes ain’t never lost no bet . . . Whoops slipped into an old White Iron Band classic. Well, that kinda gave it away. Yup, this hunt is east on Lake Street at the one and only Hi-Lo Diner. Now once again the burger might not be your number one choice cause the menu here has some muscles. Real good. But you’re missing out if someone in the group doesn’t get all religious on some burger meat. The Hi-Lo Burger is a 1/3 lb diner beef blend. What that means is who knows but what it tastes like is O-M-G. It’s got a choice cut in there for sure and probably lots o’ fat in the chucky. It’s grilled semi crispy on a flat top. Sensational buttery crunch outer but a soft juicy not drippy inner. Best of both worlds kinda thing going on here. The bun is airy light brioche buttery and likely baked by an angel. With a hint of garlic and crispy yet soft. It’s maybe the best brioche I’ve ever had. Damn Gina. Anywho . . . The cheese is American and practically running down the block. Each bite gets a nice blast. Nailed it. Order a malt so you don’t get egg on your face. They’re incredible. And remember to blast a photo cause you’re in a 1957 Fodero. I’m also dropping a pin on this kill. Got more work to do here. 

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.5   Presentation: 10   Originality: 9

Hi-Lo Diner, 4020 East Lake St, MPLS; hi-lo-diner.com