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All across the Midwest, there’s a sneaky great burger that is consistently done right and worthy of more praises. This hunt is all about that urge to crush a burger, like okay NOW! Head to your local Culver’s and you’ll find a menu that’s shockingly long with strong choices like the pork tendy or even walleye (when in season). But ignore all that and order the Double ButterBurger with Cheese. The meat is fresh—never frozen—Midwest beef that’s seared crisp on a flattop with butter. No pre-made nightmares, everything is cooked to order. Now the flavor of the meat is really nice. The crispy outer is life and the juicy inner is goals. Topped with a heavy American from Wisconsin. Each bite is meat cheese blasts of glory. The bun is butter grilled and okay. Do toppings as you please but I went naked for this ride; bun, meat, cheese. Culver’s and you yourself should be proud of this burger. The convenience factor is hundo p and that don’t take away nathen. Fries are crinkle cut and the root beer is fabulous. Drive-through or dine-in and one thing is for certain you’ll be pretty far from basic. Pro tip: The Culver’s in St. Anthony (Silver Lake Rd) has a full-on old timers bluegrass jam every Saturday from 1:30 PM-4 PM. Probably the coolest thing you’ll ever see in life.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.4   Presentation: 5   Originality: 6

Culver’s, 4004 Silver Lake Rd, St. Anthony; Culvers.com