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Sometime this summer Cloud Town will be all up in your maps—you’ll either go by it, around it, or right to it! This time around it’s in for Anton’s Restaurant in Waite Park. Oooh yes, it’s got more charm and history than a dinosaur love story. Now we came here for food didn’t we . . . Big Ego! That’s the name of the burger and let me just attempt at explaining myself. Or itself. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat, then a big burger patty, then another grilled cheese sandwich on wheat. Okay reread that last sentence. But seriously one of my most enjoyable experiences was just getting down and dirty and owning this thing. I wanted the super cheese blast from the double flanking grilled cheeses but in order to get it you have to open wide and just kinda caveman it. Three-quarter pounds of meat and all that bread makes for a tall sandwich. But when you finally receive your lion-like reward, it’s everything you thought it would be. Really is folks. A perfect marriage. The buttery toast and the gooey cheese with a perfy medium meat that has a nice and gentle taste . . . If this don’t warm your soul you’re impossible. A comfort food orgy that even makes Mrs. Dash blush a little. Now it comes with caramelized onions and a honey mustard, but I put ’em on the side. Bacon left on. Loved this burger, made me feel really good and homey. The grilled cheese and the burger are American classic sandwiches. Nothing to argue there. And hey do actually work together but are of course better as stand alone units. I mean I’m not crazy. FR tho go to Anton’s you can’t really go wrong here. Pro-tip: Everyone get a popover.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.7   Presentation: 8   Originality: 9

Anton’s Restaurant, 2001 Frontage Road North, Waite Park; antonsrestaurant.com