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Ahoy polloi. Summertime and the livin’ is easy. This hunt we head to 13th Ave for the legendary fish fry line out the door place. Yup, it’s The Anchor Fish & Chips! Let’s get right to it. You get a burger at fish place? Damn right I do. And if you knew what was good for you, you’d do the same. Okay . . . we just had to talk that out. Glad we’re still friends. Pro Tip: Order the Fish & Chips as your appetizer! Your shipmate will be impressed. Now you’re settled in, on to the Burger & Chips. It’s packin’ Peterson Farms beef with their sweet limos (Limousin cattle from France) hella fresh kinda steaky smooth, but grass fed so clean and gentle. The texture is unique and hundo p made me want more and more. Nicely seasoned and salt is dialed. Medium and juicy. Bun is potato and from the French Meadow Bakery. Buttery grilled and just right. Arhhhhhhhh. The Irish Cheddar is whispering. It’s good, but double up if you cheese two. Get it? Says 1/3 lb, feels like a 1/2 pounder, so it kinda needs 2 slices. Anywho, the salad is monster . . . crispy and fresh. Tomato was better than textbook. The below deck bun gets a wonderful bath of flavor from all the meat juices and moisture. It holds court but becomes this whole new area of delight. Burgers on point . . . FR. List worthy even. The fries are wedgy and creamy good. You might even hear the fry chef say “nailed it”. Gotta love taking pride. Good work Anchor. I tip my sailor hat to you!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.3   Presentation: 6   Originality: 7

Anchor Fish & Chips, 302 13th Ave NE, MPLS; theanchorfishandchips.com