If the slew of zombie movies and television shows in the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that an undead epidemic is nearly impossible to hold back. This Saturday, so much fake blood will be spilt in the Twin Cities that our now illustrious Zombie Pub Crawl may become a Guinness world record-holding event, with hopes of gathering more than 4,500 of Minnesota’s quasi-dead at one site alone. For the first time, the ZPC will stumble into St. Paul’s Midway Stadium, planting a blood-drenched flag into the turf, declaring it Zombie Island (where the Guinness world record will attempt to be broken). Musical guests DMX, the Gin Blossoms, Big Freedia, and Exodus perform at the crawl, ensuring especially high numbers of brain-devouring connoisseurs.

If you plan to get bit this Saturday, there are some things to keep in mind. Secrets of the City‘s own Taylor Carik, one of the ZPC’s organizers, recommends only wearing clothes you plan on discarding immediately after the Crawl. He also suggests you bring cash (especially $1 bills for tipping Zombie-tolerant bartenders), as zombies can be a little brain-dead when it comes to ATMs, and to make full use of public transit to get in on all the Crawl’s stops. WCCO also recommends these tips for being at your zombie best. It might also be a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time for $22.99; the price will jump to $40 on Saturday (srsly, why would you wait that long), because if anyone deserves half-priced tickets it’s the half-dead.