The race to Black Friday has moved its starting line even further into the turkey holiday this year and store employees are not pleased. Casey St. Clair, a 24-year-old California Target employee, organized 250,000 signatures from an online petition asking Target to stop opening its doors on Thanksgiving Day.

Target’s Vice President of Human Resources, Tim Curoe, received the petition in the lobby of Target headquarters here in Minneapolis. Curoe responded by arguing that some employees want to work Thanksgiving, because they can pick up additional hours at an increased holiday wage. But judging from the outpouring of signatures for St. Clair, Curoe may be overestimating the employees’ zeal for holiday work.

Two years ago, Target would open at 4 a.m. on Friday morning; last year they pushed it up to midnight Friday morning, and this year for the first time it will be opening on Thanksgiving Day at 9 p.m.