As Leslie Bock forges ahead with her latest kitschy restaurant concept, Betty Danger’s Country Club, her wary Marshall Terrace neighbors have begun to voice their concerns. After all, it’s not every day a Ferris wheel moves in down the street.

According to the TC Daily Planet, most of their apprehension is derived from past experience, when Psycho Suzi’s was at that address, and most of it connected to inadequate parking. To wit: late night noise, accidents due to car-lined streets, and poor treatment of their houses by careless patrons walking to their vehicles. Not to mention potential peeping Toms on what sounds like a dining car Ferris wheel (!)

Bock and Emily O’Brien attempted to allay these fears at the meeting with plenty of creative solutions, from off-site parking with electric golf cart restaurant shuttles to pedal cabs and rows of bike racks (incidentally, the location of the Ferris wheel should make window-peeking impossible). In the end, the conversation was left without a firm conclusion—other than the plan to begin construction on the Country Club early this fall. Here’s hoping the golf carts win out.