What does it mean to be Minnesotan? Does it mean adding a few “ya knows” and “you betchas” into your daily vocabulary? Does it mean watching The Weather Channel at least six times a day? Does it mean being nice (read: passive aggressive) all the time?

If you’ve long pondered this, like we have, Open Air  (from Twin Cities Public Television) will help you find the answer with its new web series “Are You MN Enough?”

The series brought together 10 different producers to create videos analyzing what it means to be a Minnesotan. The first video, written and directed by MPR’s Sam Osterhout from Electric Arc Radio, pits “Minnesota Nice” against “New York Nice” in a few situations. The first: the cheesy joke. A true Minnesotan gives a courtesy laugh no matter how bad the joke, while the New Yorker . . . well just watch the video below.

New videos are premiering every Wednesday, and you can keep up with the conversation on Twitter with #MNEnough.