Michelangelo had his chisel, Leonardo had his brush, and Anang has her tail. While great artists have been known to come from unlikely places, few would have suspected the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota.

Otters Anang and Zhoosh paint with their tails, feet, and fur, churning out works of abstract expressionist art similar to Mark Rothko paintings but maybe with a footprint or tail swipe thrown in. They have already adopted the “tortured artist” temperaments, refusing to work on canvas, preferring smooth cardstock paper and children’s paint, and painting only in a private room while they snack on silverside fish.

The best of the otters’ work is displayed outside the Aquarium’s gift shop, and is on sale at only $35. So if you’re in the market for otter art, now is the time to buy, before it inevitably takes up residence in the Louvre.