Anastasia, er…Alexis Steele?

The Twin Cities is about to get a whole lot sexier. Maybe.

Despite the fact that Dakota Johnson was cast as the lead female role in the Hollywood version of E.L. James’s cult hit Fifty Shades of Grey, a public outcry on Twitter calls for Gilmore Girls star and recent local celeb Alexis Bledel to play to role of Anastasia Steele (via Business Insider).

The fiance of hometown hero Vincent Karthesier—the Mad Men star who returned home this summer to play the role of Mr. Darcy at the Guthrie—has stayed mum on her popularity vote, but a petition stated by fans on speaks for itself. In the 24 hours since the lead roles were announced, nearly 20,000 people have signed their names in support of Bledel and Matt Bomer, the fan favorite for the role of Christian Grey.

Unfortunately for all you grey-sessed people, a change in cast is unlikely. The movie’s producer had only this to say:

And this:

And this: