A Little Something for the Pedal Pub Haters

Pedal Pubs are either mindless good time or an asinine nuisance, depending on whether you’re the one pedaling or not. Yesterday fun turned into misfortune near Mill City Ruins, when a pedal pub turned too fast and tipped over. Two people were sent to the hospital and 10 others left injured.

While alcohol is a big factor in the Pedal Pub business, according to MPR, Minneapolis Police have ruled that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. Despite riders having the freedom to over indulge themselves in beverages, drivers of the mobile bar must stay sober at all times.

The accident was witnessed by bystanders and thanks in large part to social networking quickly shared with the public. Will the accident affect the Pedal Pub business? Probably not.

2 thoughts on “A Little Something for the Pedal Pub Haters

  1. dilibrent

    Since these are at worst a nuisance, it seems a rather strong to suggest that the ‘haters’ would garner some satisfaction from this incident. Rather insensitive, given that people were injured, some seriously. 

  2. miniapplearchitect

    why are there pedal pub haters in the first place? this is such a unique service and a joy to see on the streets….quite hilarious. i giggle everytime i see one with people pedaling and drinking on it. seriously, if y’all don’t see the beauty in it, you are not appreciating enough the diverse venues created by entrepreneurial enterprises

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