Twin Cities Donut Destinations

A perennial gripe with the Twin Cities is that we don’t have the ubiquity of donuts similar to many East Coast cities, so it’s exciting to see that Heavy Table finds some good looking donuts on their visit to YoYo Donuts & Coffee Bar in Minnetonka. Quality over quantity, right? If Minnetonka is too far, the Onion also has a list of Twin Cities spots serving donuts.

14 thoughts on “Twin Cities Donut Destinations

  1. Nancy Aleshire

    I sure miss Mister Donut.  There used to be one on Highway 100 and 36th Street in Robbinsdale.  I used to stop there on my way to work in the 1980’s.

  2. Rat

    Super America has donuts. They’re good enough…and they cost less…What’s this idea there’s no donuts in the city? Shit, there’s donuts everywhere! You looking for artisan donuts?

  3. cubbie

    awww, cmon rat.  i miss dunkin donuts every once in a while.  grunt food for sure, but still fun.

  4. aliecat

    I gotta say, I’m interested in Yo Yo Doughnuts, too.  The no additive dough sounds promising.  Commercial bakeries like Byerly’s and Cub serve up some pretty tasteless stuff, IMO.  Nothing but sugar and air.

  5. aj of WSP

    Got this right!  “Granny Donuts is just the best, plain and simple” and “Heaven on Earth!”

  6. jane

    This morning I brought in a box of Byerly’s dougnuts (note correct MNspeak spelling!!) for my hard-working colleagues and they are delicious enough. Someone even said they were fancy, though we agreed they were likely exactly the same as SuperAmerica dougnuts. But I do want to try this Yo Yo dougnut place, definitely.

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