Love + Hate Relationship: Nextdoor


It’s ok to have mixed emotions about things, it’s a sign of maturity. And there’s a lot of things in Twincy to have mixed feelings about, even the word Twincy. In our Love + Hate feature we try to help you, or you help us, work through our complicated emotions. 

Since we’re such an active group of residents and citizens, we love to know what’s going on within our respective neighborhood boundaries. And since the newspapers decided “hyper-local” wasn’t profitable and TV news couldn’t local Frogtown or Kingfield on a city map, it’s tough to keep tabs what your neighbors are up to. Enter, the increasingly popular neighborhood social media site that gives voice to all those neighbors you avoid on National Night Out and all that junk on craigslist you shouldn’t be picking up. On the one hand, we love keeping tabs on our hood, especially the break-ins and robberies and street construction. We even love how some of the posts are like their own free form poetry. On the other hand we’ve come to learn that everyone constantly needs a plumber, everyone constantly loses their dogs and cats (and it breaks our hearts), and everyone at some point buys and then trashes a huge shelving unit. Neighbors—can’t live with them, can’t live by them.

More Weekend Happenings: For When GRRRL PRTY Sells Out


We’re also pretty sure Happy Turfday at the Turf Club with Solid Gold, Turf Club residents The Blind ShakeTiny Deaths, and bliss uk will sell out, but you might still wanna check to see if there’s tix. Aloha From Hell and Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats pay tribute to the ab fab The Cramps at the 331. The big name bluesy rockers 4ontheFloor play before a showing of Smokey & The Bandit at the Harriet Band Shell, a combo so good we can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Over in Como, their final movie of the season at Como Dockside is Willow with Fort Wilson Riot playing. Mike Munson and Jake Ilika & The Heavy Set play early at The Nomad; The late show at the Nomad with Carnivore Bones, Neuts, Breakaway, and our fav Devata Daun is also work sticking around for. Mach Fox(!) does the visuals for the OAKS record release party with Waveless and DJ Sinclair at Icehouse. Four Humors have a new logo and their opening their run of Lolita at The Southern Theater.


#BlackLivesMatter STPL will be heading to the Fair and you can sure join them—or at least show them some love on the Facebook event because there’s a bunch of trolls on there. Celebrate the grand unveiling of Midway Murals at the Midway Art Festival at Hamline Park. Burlesque of North America are having a big garage sale of their Best and Worst and even free stuff. It’s an all day party at SotaFesta at Parade Stadium (by Dunwoody) with a bunch of live music. Huge show at Icehouse outdoors(!) that still might still have tix—Totally Gross National Party with Polica, Lizzo, and nearly a dozen other folks on that label. Legendary West Coast punks X play Mill City Nights. Very cool looking art opening of photos and paintings that encourage viewers to “travel” at Showroom. And up-and-coming young punks Bruise Violet release their EP Survival of the Prettiest with Gramma and Housewives at the Entry.


Beak Nasty throws a huge party for their The World Is Real album release with local hip hop megastars UP ROCK and Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas and Trnstyl at the Entry. Don’t forget about the Loring Alley Rally behind Third Bird. And also don’t forget about the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Brunch at the Turf Club with the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band.

Bob Dylan Gets Massive Mural in MPLS

Bob Dylan Mural

Hennepin Theater Trust (who we love because of MADE HERE) is aiming to add a little more visual culture in downtown MPLS’s “Cultural District” with a 5-story mural of Bob Dylan, who grew up in Hibbing, MN and lived in Dinkytown for one year before dropping out of college and moving to NYC. You can see the a pic by HTT for how damn big the mural by internationally acclaimed Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is going to be. In some ways, it’s brilliant. People who know nothing about the arts, especially local arts, know Bob Dylan. Out-of-towners and Vikings fans can find it and take their pic with it. It’s even already been mentioned in national press. In other ways it’s a huge bummer. Why not do 5-story piece for a lesser known hometown hero, one that actually has connections to our city? Are we that desperate for local iconography? Mary Tyler Moore didn’t even actually live here and has more of a claim from MPLS than Bob Dylan (who apparently has a farm outside MPLS and did have money in the Orpheum at one point, we know), which is why she has that weird statue on Nicollet. Or maybe it’s time to start celebrating some of the newer arts talent in Twincy on a bigger scale?

Pop Quiz: Luxurious Living

ah home at last

Inspired by The Common Room’s Repatriation Tour from two weeks ago, where we ourselves barely recognized the area around The Soap Factory because it’s now surrounded by brand spanking new apartments/condos, here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of the new—and heavily branded!—developments around town. Try to identify which are real, which are just made up by our editors. It’s a tough one, so here’s a hint, only two are not actual “living experiences”.

The A-Mill, “Once at the heart of the Minneapolis milling roots. Now in the center of everything you love.”, Mill District MPLS
Skye Lofts, “Live above it all while staying connected to downtown”, Downtown MPLS
FLUX, “Your Life is in a Constant State of Motion”, Uptown MPLS
The Walkway, “The first luxury apartment residence between the coasts, if not the oceans, that places your every desire within walking distance.”, Uptown MPLS
The Elysian, “Affordable and upscale are not mutually exclusive”, Marcy-Holmes MPLS
Solhavn, “Living in the Heart of the Downtown North Loop”, North Loop MPLS
Lime, “Refreshing Apartments”, Uptown MPLS
Pŏsh, “Shopping. Food. Culture. Life.” Lowertown, STPL
Rayette, “In the heart of vibrant Lowertown”, Lowertown, STPL

Answers are here.