SotC Award: Best Place to Lebowski

We lost count of the things we love about Elsie’s a long time ago. This Northeast bowling alley/brunch spot/bar/karaoke lounge/event space is truly a place for everyone, whether you’re looking to take the kids out for pancakes, day drink with old-timers, take your mom to lunch, watch a Wild game, or host your your wedding reception. The bowling at Elsie’s is super fun and chill, and with such close access to White Russians, we can’t think of a better place to take a mental health day, don a comfy cardigan, and totally just Lebowski an afternoon away.

Town Hall Brewery Celebrates 17 Years

While we seemingly get a brand spanking new tap room every week or so, Town Hall Brewery will be celebrating its 17th year making beer in MPLS. And to include you in the festivities, every day this week Town Hall will release a new beer, starting today with the Anniversary Ale. Congrats!

Notes from the Weekend

Kingfield farmers market has delicious gluten free, dairy free treats from this place called Sift; the apple and pumpkin orchards were busier than the State Fair on Free Food Day; Uni-Deli at United Deli busier than the apple orchard on Saturday afternoons (wait ’til the week); and everyone at Pearl Jam just watched Kyle going bonkers at Pearl Jam.

I Know, Right? The Vikings

Between the Adrian Peterson child abuse, and other players getting arrested, and the billion dollar stadium for a New Jersey fraudster, and the MPLS Park Board not wanting to manage The Yard or The Commons or whatever it’s called, and the birds hitting the stadium glass—between all that, we’re getting over pro football. Oh, and yesterday’s last minute loss to a crappy team, which is just another classic Vikings moment, we’re pretty much done.