Midweek News & Notes: People’s Lawsuits

Terrace Theater

Since many of our readers don’t read anything else besides reviews of the new State Fair food, we feel we should share some of the important-to-you stories being shared around the SotC virtual water cooler so that you’re properly briefed before your happy hour.

News: The transformation of the historic Terrace Theater in Robbinsdale into a Hy-Vee has paused

Notes: There’s been a lot of back-and-forth on the socials about the demolition of the incredible Mid-Century Modern theater, which hasn’t been open for over a decade and a half. The architecture is second to none, no wonder MCM fans want to keep it, especially since it’s going to be turned into a generic grocery/retail store. The city of Robbinsdale already approved the demolition, but a 1,000 person petition and lawsuit has slowed down the demolition. (Fun fact, via the Robbinsdale Historical Society: In April 1984 David Byrne and director Jonathan Demmethe Terrace hosted a premiere of the Talking Heads concert film, Stop Making Sense at the Terrace.)

News: MN’s Barrel Business is Booming

Notes: We talked with Indeed Brewing Brewer Adam Theis about this a little bit when we were in their Barrel Room, but it’s no longer that an artisan can just find old wood barrels already imparted with complex flavors for aging. Nope, barrels are now a big, big business.

News: The $15 Minimum Wage group won their court hearing against the city of MPLS and will likely be on the ballot

Notes: Maybe the judge went to last week’s 15 Now Minnesota fundraiser and heard P.O.S spit some of his fire? The city will appeal, but we’re all likely going to hear a lot about the measure and its impact. Btw, the Insure the Police group lost their first hearing and hope to appeal.


Kickstart Our Heart: Milkweed Books


There’s a lot of really good kickstarters that will make our thriving metro an even better collection of arts & culture scenes—plus you get goodies if the projects get funded. Here’s something to throw your hard-earned money on proposals like:

We’re fans of independent publisher Milkweed Books, so it’s a no-brainer that we’re throwing our support behind their kickstarter for a new book store to feature their publishing. And not just a book store, the space will act as much as a gallery as a retail space for Milkweed and other innovative and exciting publishers. Plus it’s right next to Open Book. Rewards include everything from seed packs to custom tote bags to literally all poetry from 2016!

Burger Hunter: Meister’s Bar & Grill

Meisters Shoreview

Shoreview, MN is one of those metro cities that seems to still have huge tracks of land! They do have 14 lakes so the name gets points for accuracy. Otherwise Landview would make more sense. Anywho, this hunt takes us to Meister’s Bar & Grill located in a strip mall without a view, unless you’re into parking lots. The Burgermeister is what brings us around these parts. With a German name meaning “master” there’s a lot to live up to… and they mostly do! The bun is a bit earthy and perfect size. Yes, it matters. Meat is diner style and full of moisture. Chef likely uses a lid and water to steam cook it, guaranteeing some chin drips. It’s 1/3 lb and can be cooked to desired temp. The cheese is American and covers like a total eclipse. The bacon is very smokey and chopped. It adds everything to this burger and turns it right into a smokehouse. The Burgermeister has a little street cred, but seems to still be a hidden gem in this community center haven. The fries are hand-cut, always the right choice to make. Pro tip: Meister’s has a meat raffle every Wednesday starting at 5pm.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 7.9   Presentation: 6   Originality: 5

Meister’s Bar & Grill, 1056 West Highway 96, Shoreview;

All St. Paul’s A Stage—Send An Improvgram!



There’s still time to order an improvgram for this afternoon. Go for it and follow the #improvgram hashtag to see who got improv’d this afternoon.

Secrets of the City is very excited to be a sponsor for this big day of on-the-spot in-person messages throughout St. Easy developed by the brains behind The Theater of Public Policy. What’s an improvgram? A crack team of 50 improv actors will be at your disposal to bring live, unscripted theater to anyone in St. Paul. On Friday, August 19, they will fan out across the city delivering “improvgrams” based on your suggestions and requests.

Kickstart Our Heart: Red Heaven

Red Heaven

Twincy filmmaker Katherine Grace reached out to us about a project she’s producing, a feature documentary about six people living for an entire year in a simulation of life on Mars, and for which there’s a kickstarter. Watch the trailer, we got sucked in right away. Red Heaven is a science nonfiction film about a crew that’s living in a pod in the desert in order to simulate contained life on Mars. The project is currently raising funding and if you’re a sci-fi or just sci fan, you likely will want to get in on the rewards, like getting a limited edition HI-SEAS crew patch.


Burger Hunter: Half Time Rec

Half Time Rec

A stop at Bandana Square and Half Time Rec has put this Hunter in a daze! This historic St. Paul dive bar has a top Secret of the City inside known as Paddy Shack. They handle the food side of the business and they handle it quite well. The Paddy Shack Burger is big, bold, and beautiful! 1/2 lb of some very flavorful meat. Seasoned right on point and juicy to the nines. Smothered with a white American cheese that’s ode proper. The salad (veg toppings) is what really makes this burger special. Topped with pickled green tomatoes that add a crisp crunch, deadass tasty with meat. The bottom is almost a slaw; consisting of lettuce, onion, and Paddy Sauce. So refreshing on many levels. Someone really thought this through. A chef-driven performance going on here. Well, the head chef that relaunched the kitchen is a James Beard nominee. All the ingredients work together like a well planned flash mob . . . or more like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (2008 in China). Perfection. The Paddy Shack Burger was crowned King in 2015 (Twincy Burger Battle). Bun is good but not the shining star and the fries are big steak style and average at best. The place is Irish, kinda party, killer menu, and is the bar in the classic movie Grumpy Old Men!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.3   Presentation: 5   Originality: 9

Half Time Rec, 1013 Front Ave STPL;