#TBT: Jam Lines

This is kind of weird, but we came across the Jam Line on a message board about the 1984 Apache Plaza tornado, and remembered that MPR did a story on them a couple years ago. They were phone lines where teens would call up and talk (a.k.a. flirt) with each other—or in the case of this audio clip, just shout randomly to each other. Did any of you ever call these, or know anyone who did? Kinda puts Twitter in perspective. Also, don’t ask us why we’re reading weather message boards, OK?

Rumor Mill: CJ’s Not Good at Lip Syncing

From the flurry of selfies on instagram, last night’s (Local) Celebrity Lip Sync for Smiles benefit for the Smile Network looked like a more fun than average fundraiser. And from what we’ve heard, the anchors, reporters, and editors who participated did a great job on their costumes, dance moves, and delivery—with one notable exception. The STrib’s CJ kicked off the night with very lackluster performance of Pharrell’s Happy that got the audience nervous for remaining “singers” and then went MIA. The following sync’rs got the night back on track, but that’s a poor showing from a columnist often lambasting other people’s performances.

Taking Bets: Cause in Uptown

Who wants to bet on when Cause in Uptown will reopen? Their IndieGoGo drive ended last month with 8% funding, and we haven’t heard much in the meantime. We’re betting the Prince, the Replacements and Bob Mould will play the reopening on New Year’s Eve…and no one will be able to go because there will be a huge blizzard.

Week of 10,000 Laughs Festival: The Dirty Show

Things are gonna get reaaaaal dark tonight at The Dirty Show, a no-holds-barred, uncensored “90 minutes of bad words, evil thoughts and dubious intentions.” Race, religion, sex—everything’s fair game. 7 PM at Galactic Pizza, midnight at Comedy Corner Underground.