Mark Your Calendar: New Show Announcements


Lots notable show announcements from this week so far. The biggest one is that, to keep their momentum going, Soundset surprised everyone by moving to the MN State Fair Grounds for 2015. Let the “on a stick” talk start! Speaking of Soundset, Yelawolf was just announced as being on the roster for the brand new Target Field GoFest. Alt Folk band with a metal name Of Monsters and Men plays Roy Wilkins in October. Guys with beards got super excited that Beach House is going to be playing First Ave in September. Everyone is excited that Wacka Flocka Flame is playing Mill City Nights in August. And the incredibly talented Texas blues treasure Carolyn Wonderland has an album release at the Dakota on July 8th.

Also, Sisqo lives in Maple Grove now.

Lee’s Being Sold, Will Take Credit Cards


Big news for local music and dive bar fans—Lee’s Liquor Lounge is finally being sold. And it’s good news and better news, courtesy of Clare Kennedy at the MSP Biz Journal, who gets more scoops than a weekend at Sebastian Joe’s. First, the guy buying it wants to basically keep it the same, which fantastic, considering every other developer wants to buy buildings and put in high rises and Snap Fitnesses. Also they’re going to put in a patio and also start taking credit cards, which is a little bittersweet, since it’s pretty fun to watch person after person order a single beer, try to pay for it with a card, and then get shut down. FUN FACT: Lee’s is actually owned by a guy named Louie, the subject of Dale Watson’s fantastic country song “Louie’s Lee’s Liquor Lounge“, who will now be retiring.

Weekend Round-Up: Get Wet

Most important item you need to know about: There were three “Mad Max-style” water balloon and squirt gun raids on Pedal Pubs downtown over the weekend, with the third ending with Furiosa off-duty SLP cops putting the hurt on the raiders. It’s the greatest example of a lose-lose we’ve ever heard about.

The boozy and impossibly delicious strawberry lemonade at Du Nord should come with a warning label or at least in a much bigger glass, especially now there’s weather for their patio. Lots of toddlers during the day at the Memory Lanes block party, but they thankfully were home in bed by the time Tickle Torture started in with his dancing girls and smoke machines—and even fireworks, which wowed a lot of the crowd. The toddlers wouldn’t be able to see, since the parking lot was packed for the headlining acts. It got super wet at Soundset, but there was still a ton of people who went to see Ludacris. The MC delivered a hilarious set while wearing the best sweater we have ever seen, and the upside Mall of America bus (aka #boycottMOA) on the graffiti wall raised some eyebrows.

Twincy Pro Tip: MIA’s Staff Show, Residency, Happy Hour

MIA Staff Show

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is doing some big stuff for their #BDayMIA—they brought in the giant Eros head, they’re wrapping water towers in fine art, among other ongoing happenings. They’re also showcase their in-house artistic talent with a very cool staff exhibition of nearly fifty individuals who responded to the call for pieces to be displayed for the first time in the public space. We recommend checking out the show, but also going on Friday evening to grab happy hour at Agra Culture inside the museum (or afternoon, it’s 2:30-5:30) and hearing Friday resident musician Brian Just play on the first floor at 6 PM.