More Weekend Happenings: More Symposiums & Birthdays


The U of M and Patrick’s Cabaret have joined forces to tell the story—and current outcome—of the “culture wars” from 20 years ago at a symposium and performance; It’s time for the Spring Shooter’s Show at Bill’s Guns (seems like a week early this year); Moto-i hosts their Spring Art Show; It’s a show you know you could kill in—Manners and Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen takes the stage at Bryant Lake Bowl; ARENA Dances start their 20th Anniversary Season at the Cowles with Plastic Language; 33rd Realm has their Rap Battle of the Bands; You have to go to Hold Tight at Bedlam Lowertown; King Otto joins the Hipshaker! night at the Kitty Cat Klub; Peter Lansky said to keep Immaculate Reception on the down low; and DJ Slamdunkapher is hyping people for his new dance night THROWED at honey by just posting Cam’ron lyrics (and it worked!).


Stag Beer (??) hosts the Match Game at the 331 with local luminaries Carolyn Blomberg and Jahna Péloquin; Go Vintage in St. Easy is having an inventory reduction sale; Maggie Griffin gives an artist talk at the closing party for her show at Casket ArtsIt’s a night of gypsy jazz and Prohibition swing from The Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League and Mississippi Hot Club at honey; the very cool String Bikini plays “elegant and ambient cello music using looping and live layering” at Ngon Bistro; and The Cabooze hosts REBIRTH: Toki Wright (Bday Celebration) with Big CatsAudiyo Element, and other great hometown hip hop acts.


Kickoff 30 Days of Biking through April at Gold Medal Park in MPLS; The Local Music Scene live show interviews Jake Jones at Bryant Lake Bowl; and it’s the one and only Stevie Wonder at the Target Center!

Programming Note: In Which _______ and Others Discover The End

In Which

Some of you might be wondering where In Which _______ and Others Discover The End, the collab between performance group SuperGroup and playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski and artist Liz Miller and amazing art rock band Brute Heart at Public Functionary, is in this email since we’ve been hyping up the installation and event for the past few weeks. Well, all the reserve spots are taken. But! There will be some reserve seating available on a first come, first serve basis for the shows. If you really want to see the performance (we’ve seen pieces and it’s worth trying to get into), get to Public Functionary early for one of the shows to get on the wait list, we’ve been told you likely could get a spot.

3-Emoji Review: Return of the Emojis

Emoji Review 3-27-14

MOA’s #ItsMyMall Totally Backfires

The Mall of America tried out a hashtag to distract shoppers from their racist security, but it blew up in their faces. Um, yeah. Who didn’t see that coming?

Hilarious MN Vikings Bricks

Who is running these social media accounts? To help sell bricks with personalized messages—you know, to get more money for the stadium—the Stadium Authority let people design bricks online. And guess what happened.

COACH Returns

The television show with Craig T. Nelson, set at the fictional Minnesota State University, is returning to TV. We sure hope the film it in Mankato.

St. Paul Because: Agharta Records

Agharta Records

So far this week we’ve picked events at the Electric Fetus and Hymie’s record stores, but we also wanted to make sure you know about one of our go-to spots in St. Easy: Agharta Records. The small corner vinyl store just last week celebrated being open for a year, and we’re not surprised: Their selection is highly curated, so there’s not much junk to weed through to find some gems, and just like other great record shops, there’s definitely a personality to the store—this one a little more modern and a little more rockin’ than some others. So when you’re out and about for Record Store Day tour on April 18th (maybe to pick up the new Singles from Citizen Dick!) be sure to add Agharta Records to your destinations, if not before.