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Five Fifths of Dirty Dancing

Five Fifths

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Nepalese Restaurants Donate to Earthquake Relief

Since you’re going to be dining out this week, take a night to help the Nepal Earthquake effort. Ghorka Palace is currently donating 20% of its revenue, and starting Tuesday, May 5th through Thursday, May 7th, at Himalayan Restaurant, 100% of the proceeds will be going to help the relief effort for the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that destroyed Nepal and affected an estimated 8.1 million people.

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What do people actually read for news and information, especially when it comes to A&E? We recently talked to someone from one of the larger metro venues and her focus grouping said “email newsletters”. Well tell us something we don’t know! It’s just like Anne T. once told us, “The only news I read all day is Secrets.” We continue to add readers to our daily newsletter sends and people in the know are reading us on a daily and weekly basis. Here’s where you come in—sponsor a day of Secrets of the City and we’ll include you in the newsletter as well as the site and on twitter. And we’re cheap—cheap but respectable. Mostly. Email us and we’ll send a rate card your way.

Well, That’s Probably Not Good: Meet the New MPLS Police Union President

Hey, remember #pointergate, when KSTP accused Mayor Hodges of flashing gang signs while door knocking to get out the vote? And the MPLS Police Union president, John Delmonico, wondered whether Hodges was with the cops or with the gangs? And then it turned out the gang sign was just pointing? And the police chief was standing right next to them? And it got so bad that even the Daily Show made fun of KSTP and the Police Union?

Well, here’s the good news. But guess what? After nearly 20 years, the MPLS Police Union just swapped out its president. Here’s the not good news: The new president Lt. Bob Kroll, has a fairly extensive history of (alleged) misconduct. Take this older CP article that lists some payouts for settlements, and also an incident where Kroll and another off duty officer beat up someone coming back from Art-a-Whirl. Oh, and he’s also been linked to a white power motorcycle gang. Aaaand he also suggested Rep. Keith Ellison is a terrorist because Ellison is Muslim. So, yeah.

More Weekend Happenings:

All Weekend Long, Baby

All weekend is the Wizard World Comic Con, and along with getting to meet Gillian Anderson and the Bella Twins (we would go to get our Brie Mode shirts signed), we also recommend watching out for the Sith Squad and going to the Midnight Movies: Birth, Death and Afterlife panel. There’s also the MIA‘s Art in Bloom flower-based showcase that runs all weekend.


Local catering team and local farmer’s market stand Dumpling, will be popping up at neighborhood bakery Mon Petit Cheri. How can tough issues be tackled for young audiences is the question at the Radical Nonfiction Storytelling discussion at The Loft. The wonderful Midway Contemporary Art Library is having their 11th Annual Benefit Art Auction. Sweet Iron Maiden tribute band Maiden Minneapolis play out at POV’s. And for dance nights there’s Right Track: Funky Soul Record Party: May 1 Edition at the Dubliner. And cactus lover DJ Jonathan “Cacturman” Ackerman hosts another installment of HOTEL at the Kitty Cat Klub subtitled It’s may not april.


It’s opening day for the food trucks at the Midtown Farmer’s Market. El Burrito Mercado is going to be having a Margarita Garden at the St. Paul Cinco de Mayo Party. Lonesome Dan plays the small stage at Harriet Brewing. Sandcastle at Lake Nokomis brings back its singer-songwriter series with Brian Wheat and Joe KopelJoe Hysell of the Dirt Road Ramblers, and others, and Flat Earth Brewing will be on tap. The Birthday Suits are celebrating 10 years and have a new album they’re releasing at The Turf Club with Pink Mink and Teenage Moods. The Chicago Afrobeat Project again joins forces with Worldwide Discotheque at the Nomad World Pub. Shake ya asses at this week’s Twerk Dat: Booty Bouncin’ Jams in the Record Room. Oh and if you love the ’90s then you’ll also love House Party 97 at honey, which has all ’90s all night and a flier with 90210 on it.


You can Join the Table at the closing party for the Feast exhibition at the Weisman Art Museum.  Multi-disciplinary visual artist Noah Harmon is the first installment of the new solo artist show series at Third BirdScott Wooldridge Trio have a release show with Dan Israel and Doug Collins at Harriet Brewing. And we’re super excited for this year’s May Day parade and Festival at Powderhorn Park.

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