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MCAD Art Sale

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Fort Wilson Riot

“There’s nothing more Minnesotan than getting indignant about the wrong side dish.”

Need to Know: #grapegate

Another day, another #gate! This is maybe our favorite #gate . . . wait, no, #pointergate is still our favorite. But this one’s good. The New York Times did a piece called United State of Thanksgiving that picked dishes for each state and for Minnesota they selected “Grape Salad”. To make matters worse, The Grey Lady gave Wisconsin wild rice. And people here are flipping furious. Losing their minds. Ready to burn the Times to the ground. Way more pissed about this than the MPLS Police Federation using a hack reporter to smear to the mayor and community organizer. The #GrapeGate hashtag has been chronicling the outrage. Grape salad, btw, is grapes with sour cream and brown sugar and it sounds disgusting.

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Week of Amazing Bathrooms: Mancini’s

Sometimes it’s not so much the bathroom itself as it is the company you find in the bathroom. Sure, the ladies’ room at Mancini’s is nice enough (we haven’t seen the guys’, but assume it’s on par). But the ladies of said room are always a fun bunch—especially if Midas Touch, Mancini’s house band that covers all the golden oldies, is playing. There’s everyone from West 7th lifers celebrating their 50th anniversaries, to 20-somethings on first dates, to groups of girls in #breemode, and plenty in between. And everyone’s having such a good time. —Dana Raidt

St. Paul Because: Alary’s

Yeah, yeah, we know—it’s that creepy joint where the barmaids run around in their underwear while off-duty cops and rabid Chicago Bears fans (seriously, they all have rabies) leer and drool into their free popcorn. But were you aware that Alary’s Bar has become a craft beer aficionado’s wet dream as well, boasting 65 delicious taps—including no less than 10 different flavors of Surly? And with 30 massive hi-def screens and subscriptions to NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice and NBA League Pass, this lecherous locale is a no-brainer for sports rubes seeking to rendezvous in downtown St. Easy. Hell, even Eddie Vedder likes it here!

BONUS POINTS: They offer a riotous and highly affordable shuttle service for Wild games. NEGATIVE POINTS: A limited food menu features frozen pizza that, inexcusably, isn’t Heggies. #fail —David Jarnstrom

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