Mean Jeans, Frankie Teardrop, Teenage Moods

Mean Jeans

Larry Millett Talks Fancy Homes at Magers & Quinn


KFAI Vinyl Voices: Greg Carr and Tom Novak

Vinyl Voices

“So which of tomorrow’s Drunksgiving events is most mom and aunt friendly?”

MPLS + STPL Ferguson Rallies

In addition to the protest/sit-in happening at South High School (that’s the only school we’ve heard of so far, but the MPLS school district did send out a notification), there’s a few more formal gatherings in the aftermath of the Ferguson situation (for lack of a better, shorter, descriptor of the very complex yet very simple happening). There’s one at 3pm at Coffman Union at the University of Minnesota, one at the 3rd Precinct at Lake and Minnehaha in MPLS, and a rally at the State Capitol in STPL.

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It’s Official: We’re Getting a Vegan Butcher Shop!

Well, it looks like Portlandia Twincy will be home to the very first vegan butcher shop after all! Thanks to some generous funds matching, The Herbivorous Butcher reached its Kickstarter goal yesterday (with six days to spare), and they’re continuing to raise money for additional equipment. The brother-sister duo, who have been selling their vegan “meats”—some of the best we’ve ever tasted!—at local farmers markets, will be opening up a brick-and-mortar store in MPLS for all your vegan needs. Congrats, guys! —Dana Raidt

Who We’re Murdering This Week

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