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TU Dance Studio Showing

TU Dance show

CULTURE: The Sex Rays, St Paul Slim, Flasher, Luna Rouge

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“Oh damn, that means we’re supposed to have a costume by tomorrow?”

Shoot Up Some Pumpkins at Bill’s Guns

Out of all the things that we’ve seen happening around Halloween, this is maybe our favorite: Tonight from 6-9 PM, if you bring pumpkins to Bill’s Gun Range, they’ll let you shoot them up. They’ll even rent you a gun for the shooting.

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#TBT: The Triple Rock circa 2003-2005

Yesterday Mark Mallman Instagrammed a photo from his wolf mask-wearing “Mallwolf” days, and it got us thinking about a bygone era of the Triple Rock Social Club, circa 2003 to, oh, early 2005. It was soon after they’d opened the music venue side, and artists like Mallman (often with wolf mask), The Soviettes and Friends Like These played all the time. Those were simpler times in the Twincy music scene: not much in the way of blogs, The Current didn’t exist yet (it launched in January 2005) and the West Bank was still “artsy.” And boy howdy, were those T-Rock bathrooms clean back then! Things might be different now, but even in a post-Bacon Wednesdays, post-Triple Double, post-Cook’s Revenge (RIP) world, the Triple Rock is still one of our favorite places to go into #BrieMode, and possibly the best place to recover from it.

Week of Spooky Scary: Where to Trick or Treat

This week we’re bringing you the best spooky, scary activities to get you all spooked up for Halloween (which is Friday, if you didn’t get the memo). Today it’s all about which Twincy neighborhoods we hypothesize to have the best candy for trick-or-treaters.

According to Zillow, the ballin’ southwest corner of MPLS, as well as the neighborhoods surrounding Lake of the Isles, are the best areas to trick or treat. In STPL, your best bet for buckets of full-size candy bars is Summit Avenue, which lots of people parade their kids down every year. But we’ll bet Seward and Mac-Groveland have some good gluten-free hippy candy if you’re in the market for that kind of thing. (Probably Larabars) Just be careful in the hippie neighborhoods, because your kids could end up with a bag full of stickers or other non-candy items, and let’s be honest: no one wants that. Anecdotal research tells us the working-class parts of Nokomis and Northeast seem to consistently give out some pretty decent candy (your classic Mars assortments) in healthy handfuls, so we’d recommend sticking to those ‘hoods.

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