Literary Death Match Episode 12

Lit Death Match

Acoustic: Lunch Duchess + Bae Tigre + Devata Daun + Simon Calder +Sass

acoustic lunch duchess

Transmission Presents: Close To Me—A Tribute to the Cure

transmission cure

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Burger Hunter: The Well Sports Tavern & Grill

Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. He’s like the burger hunting version Kevin Garnett in his Timberwovles prime, but with a championship! The Burger Hunter also documents his meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram.

Coon Rapids, MN has one really good thing going for it and it’s not their name. The city plays host to another hunt and this time it’s at The Well. This working man’s and woman’s sports bar is actually an incredible find for folks looking to flat out go to crush town on damn good food. The Law Burger is all of 1/2lb and wider style, not super thick. The grind is Angus fresh and big on flavor. Seasoned up just right. Salt, pepper and not to far from there. It’s a classic boss burger so remember the key parts. Juicy, check! Bacon, check! Hand-pattied, check! The kitchen cooks this beauty over flame rendering that strong grill flavor. Cause law just don’t go around here. I think I spotted Ike Clanton at the bar. Moving along, the bun is sesame and decent. The cheese is American and good but could of had a stronger melt. That bacon tho… Really strong and v traditional. All in all a great American Cheeseburger! Comes with crinkle cuts and that’s always good for a smile. Pro tip: Go on Mega Monday (every Monday) order wings and a burger. Loosen up those belt buckles and wish upon The Well. Hangovers cured—and created!—here.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.3   Presentation: 6   Originality: 6

The Well Sports Tavern & Grill, 35 Coon Rapids Boulevard NW, Coon Rapids;

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September + October Ad Spots

Want to reach out to the thousands of creative, active, wry, and often sarcastic Secrets of the City readers? We’ve got some September spots left and we’re starting to fill up some of October’s ad spots, but we’d like to get your message out, too! All you have to do is email us and we’ll talk shop. Join our growing list of some of the coolest orgs and events in MPLS + STPL that uses us for advertising!

Twincy Cheat Sheet: Take Flight

Between the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places, there’s just too much going on to keep track of, so here’s a few talking points to start off your week and get your prepped for your back-to-work happy hour.

Who: MPLS City Council Member Jacob Frey

Out of all the politicos having a rough weekend, we were surprised that it wasn’t the one dealing with an ethics committee complaint. Instead, Third Ward rep Frey was managing a barrage of complaints about the surge in crime in the Warehouse District. Are the now-routine stabbings and shootings his fault? Of course not, but they’re turning into one of, if not the, defining character of his tenure.

What: Twin Cities Horror Festival V

One of the best fests that happens all year long, the TCHF rises up at the end of October with stagings of stories that include necrophilia, bloody underground facilities, dismemberment, and more creepiness that’s not suitable for children. It’s truly spooky at times and a great way to get in the Hallows Eve mood, but get dem tix ahead of time.

Where: Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, MN

The legendary recording studio—where Nirvana’s In Utero was recorded, as well as albums by PJ Harvey, Andrew Bird, Soul Asylum, and many others—fell into decline in the mid-aughts, but was in the process of being restored by John Kuker and now subsequently his family. Pachyderm now will be re-opening in October, and it’s a pretty big deal; expect to hear more on the festivities surrounding its return.

When: 6 PM, Tonight! Wine Dinner at Costa Blanca Bistro

We know, we know, it’s sort of short notice. But if you’re really feeling like it’s been a rough Monday night, treat yo self tonight at Costa Blanca in Nordeast where they’re having a pretty damn good looking wine dinner. It’s a little higher than we normally spend on a pre fixe menu, $75, but wine and seafood isn’t cheap!

Why (Not): Toruk—The First Flight

Some people love Cirque du Soleil, some people don’t. We’re honestly always impressed by the shows, especially the smaller runs in tents. Toruk, the newest show from the group, is based on the James Cameron movie Avatar (for some reason?), opens at the Target Center this week.

Quick Q+A: Amy Jo + A Way To Go

Amy Jo and TOOTH make up the righteously talented screen printing twosome Who Made Who. The duo “first bonded over a love of vintage catalogs, spicy food, and noisy Rock & Roll” and it certainly comes through in their work.

We’ve been a big fan of theirs for some time now, and in anticipation of the closing artist reception for their current A Way To Go: Amy Jo & TOOTH this Saturday, September 24th from 6-10 PM at the very cool Hamilton Ink Spot, we sent Amy Jo some quick questions so our readers can also get in on the love.

Secrets of the City: Why makes screen prints so appealing? The flat aesthetic? The flexibility of the medium? The price point?

Amy Jo: “People love flat things.” I think Andy Warhol said that. There is an element of craft to screen printing by hand that a machine just can’t duplicate.
A digital print might look nice and be a bit cheaper, but if you want something that cost the blood, sweat, and tears of an artist, buy a screen print.

Is it fair to say that MPLS + STPL has a big screen printing scene? Do you see yourself as a part of it? How did you get into it?

The Twin Cities has a huge design community and along with that I think comes a shared love of screen printing. There is something very charming about screen printing. It’s tedious and kind of clunky, but also very beautiful.

I started screen printing posters in 2001 for First Ave, Triple Rock, The Dinkytowner, and showing prints at Hair Police and the Hexagon Bar. TOOTH relocated to MPLS in 2007 and shortly after that, Who Made Who was born.

Is Who Made Who an AC/DC reference?

Busted. “Who Made Who, ain’t nobody told you?” (Although we are #teamBonScott). It made sense for us to have a name that references both rock and roll and maker culture.

A Way to Go is a collection of art prints, test prints, and rare screenprints by Amy Jo & TOOTH. Join us for an artist talk and a letterpress make and take of an exclusive new design. 

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