Big Meat Eater

Big Meat Eater

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Transmission presents: FASHION (a tribute to David Bowie)

Transmission Bowie

“The thermostat setting debate in this weather can make or break up a relationship instantly”

Barb Abney Out at 89.3 The Current

Major Twincy drama yesterday: The Current ab-ruptly let go their afternoon DJ Barb Abney and swapped in producer Jade. The timing is just bananas—all last week it was impossible to avoid the “omg this is soooo fun” chatter around The Current’s 10th Anniversary events, several of which Abney was an integral part. There’s no real ‘why’ from MPR on she’s out, which makes the lay off even more dramatic, and her fans have been saying they’ll stop their MPR memberships over the episode (we’ll see).

Btw, speaking of The Current, we’ve started a new Current Drinking Game where, if you’ve got some beers and you’re listening to 89.3, see how many beers you can drink while the DJ is talking in-between songs. Our current record is four and a half during Dave Campbell’s set on a Saturday night.

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St. Paul Because: Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

The corner of Snelling and University is home to many gems: the Turf Club, Midway Books, that old-school Taco Bell that has a patio, and this must-try Ethiopian restaurant. Ethiopian food is *sogood* you guys, and while we love MPLS haunts Blue Nile and Red Sea, Fasika is probably the best way to make your entree into this extremely underrated cuisine. Order some samplers (lots of meat and vegetarian options) and Ethiopan beers for the table and prepare for your world to be rocked. Top it all off with some Ethiopian tea (served with cinnamon water, genius!) They don’t have a website, but here’s their Yelp page. Ignore the idiot complaining about people parking too close to his car.

Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant, 510 Snelling Ave. N., STPL; 651-646-4747

Holy Crap, Get Your Tickets Now: Bob’s Burgers Live

We usually tell you about events much closer to when they’re actually happening, but this one is too good not to pass on now. The cast of Bob’s Burgers is coming to the State Theatre in March, which only fuels our excitement over the upcoming BB cookbook. They’ll do stand-up, a script reading and Q+A, during which Tina Belcher fangirls (present company included) can hear gems like this in person. Tickets are $29.50 to $49.50.

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