Memory Lanes Block Party

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Pints & Pups

Pints and Pups

Soundset 2015


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More Weekend Happenings: Just As Important

All Weekend

The Walker Art Center continues its Christopher Nolan retrospective with all three of his Batman films.


The 4ontheFloor have a new album out and they’re celebrating with a big release show at First Avenue. Holy crap, the legendary E-40 is playing The Venue in MPLS. 1970s Power Pop kids from St. Easy Smart Alex will reunite for the first time in about 30 years at the Turf ClubSammy Warm Hands and M.C. Rentz and Mike Shank and C.M.J. bring their rhyming skills to 33rd RealmRebel Queens and Handsome Midnight deliver the classic sound of classic rock at Lee’s Liquor Lounge. Hipshaker! is back at the Kitty Cat Klub. There’s a Sounds Good dance party with Keith Millions at Clubhouse Jäger. And there’s a fantastic little late show at Icehouse with Umami releasing their new album and performances from Pony Bwoy and the best C. Kostra.


Cinema in the Cemetery will be hosting the Buster Keaton classic The Navigator with live accompaniment by Dreamland Faces and food from Taco Taxi. The Cracked Walnut Lit Fest is still going and they’re focusing on the Middle East and India for the installment at The Coffee Shop Northeast. There’s going to be a Smoke Out pro-Marijuana demonstration at the Governor’s mansion at 4:20 PM. And our friends at Always Human Tapes will be hosting Last Minute Party at First Avenue for Yellow Hyper Balls releasing Last Thought (AHT032) that includes Angelica Ianitti, couch captain Jim Frick, and DJ TML aka DJ Peter Lansky aka DJ The Secret Wars Secret Battleworld’s Darkest Secret.


Possibly best Flip Phone ever with Lil’ Legends: Kim, Eve, and Tina at honey. Singer/songwriter Katy Vernon and electronic music pioneer Makebelief play the Fulton Tap Room for the RefillMN menu launch. Nightosaur, Order of the Jackal, Wicked Inquisition, and Deephaven bring the metal to the Hexagon.


The one and only EPMD play with Carnage the Executioner and DJ Ander Other at The Amsterdam.

Prince New Cool

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First off, we’re looking for local music to include in our upcoming Heavy Table + Secrets of the City podcast! If you’re a musician or in a band or a DJ or run a label or whatever, and you’d like to let us use your music, hit us up. Also wanted to send a big shout out to Who Made Who and Hanna K. for their emails this week! If you have a shout out for us, email away. Also if you got an upcoming event you’d like us to sponsor, hit us up. And asking you to forward the email to your peoples actually worked, which is great. Thanks for doing that.

3-Emoji Review: Highest of Highs, Lowest of Lows

3-Emoji Review is made possible by the continuing support of Emily Pritchard.

New CHS Field Opens

Bill Murray on hand to christen the new cute little Saints ballpark and a Beer Dabbler craft beer corner? Sweet.

Savers Sued for Deception

Reports show the thrift store chain where you get your joke clothes costumes actually gives very little of the money they make to charities, so the MN Attorney General is suing them.

Soundset Before and After Parties

Most of the Soundset fun at just a fraction of the price and in town and there’s two of them? Why not just go to both?

Cheat Sheet: Which Summer Music Fest Is Right For You?

Hey in case you didn’t check this our yesterday, we’re running it again:

Since this weekend is both the loaded Memory Lanes Block Party and the also loaded Soundset hip hop festival—and since Art-a-Whirl kicked off the summer season last week—we went back and looked over the lineups and ticket prices we’ve so far mentioned to make a cheat sheet for you. Do you value partying super hard over easy parking? Would you rather listen to bands you know by heart than save a few bucks? Do you just need to remember which music fests are coming up? Well go ahead and check your preferences against this New York Mag-like graphic we made for you. You can even hang it on your fridge or cube wall!

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