Surly’s Darkness Day

Surly Darkness 2014

Gods and Monsters VI: The Inhuman Hunger

Gods Monsters

Prince ‘77 and After-Hours: Historic Photos by Robert Whitman

Classic Prince

“This is St.Paul; the beard hair on my plate could’ve been from the server. Or that guy. Or you. Or me.”

Interstellar 70mm Print Screening

Thanks to Justin for sending in this tip: Interstellar, the new amazing-looking film from Christopher Nolan that stars Mathew McConaughey, will be showing early (starting Nov. 4th instead of Nov. 7th) at the Willow Creek 12 in Plymouth. And not only that, the theater will be one of the few in the country to screen the 70mm film print of the picture. The difference in format is a big deal, since 70mm prints have a brighter, clearer, more detailed image and higher resolutions than standard projection formats. So if you’re planning on seeing Interstellar, here’s the best way to see it.

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3 Emoji Reviews

Election Junk Mail
Come on, has anyone ever made a voting decision based on something they got in the mail? Especially if your campaign has any sort of environmental initiatives, cut it out already.

Christmas Decorations Already at Target
No. No no no no. No.

Pee-wee’s Playhouse getting released on Blu-ray + possible new Pee-wee movie
Just when we thought we’d been desensitized to nostalgia, this happy news gets announced. This calls for…tequila!

Follow First Ave.’s Tumblr

One of the cutest things we’ve read in awhile is on First Ave.’s tumblr (which is just rock solid BTW). Amanda tells two quick stories, one of of how her dad (Curtiss A!) met her mom while both were working at the club and how she also met her own husband while they were both working at the club. Incredible.

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