REVOLUTION NOW: Portraits of Contemporary Female Revolutionaries

Revolution Now

Rave of Thrones: Kristian Nairn aka Hodor

Rave of Thrones

Rock the Ordway

Rock the Ordway

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More Weekend Happenings: Maybe Even the Best Stuff


Need to shake your behind til it falls off? Go to Bedlam Lowertown for the 4th installment of Hold Tight with the Hold Tight DJs and special guest King Otto; If you can get in, go celebrate Dre Day at the Triple Rock, one of the craziest parties of the year; The Non-Prophets are joined by outlaw country band Bourbon Country at Lee’s Liquor Lounge; The Midnight Brigade gallery presents a new solo exhibition of artwork from Anders Hamilton, with the lovely and talented DJ Jim Frick providing music and muzak; The Burnet Gallery will be slightly less full than that insane KXNDNESS show for the opening reception of Someone Else’s Story; and it’s another night of Hipshaker! at the Kitty Cat Klub.


All those crazy dudes from Totally Gross National Product will be on hand at Icehouse for Spyder Baybie Raw Dog et. al  ”letter B” themed party; Joy Veh, a self-proclaimed matchmaker and mensch, presents her interactive Jewish matchmaking show at Bryant Lake Bowl (man, that name is 100% A+); It’s going to get b-a-n-a-n-a-s at the Attitude City monthly party at Club Jager, this week featuring Mike 2600 aka XL Mike aka Mike Davis; and there’s Harrison’s Jukebox at Amsterdam.


Super sweet metal show at the Triple Rock with crazy intense Retox (from Cali), Whores. (from Atlanta), Blackthorne (from here), and Flintlock (also from here).


MN Craft Brewers Winterfest 2015: The Winner

Aaaaand the winner is: Meg T! She’ll be attending this weekend’  14th Annual Minnesota Craft Brewers Winterfest at the beautiful Union Depot in St. Paul to try out, oh, we’re guessing at least 40 types of beers from Minnesota. So that’s great. Congratulations!

Incidentally, Meg’s beer list was Bauhaus—Wonderstuff, Indeed—Hot Box, and Fulton—Lonely Blonde.  We had a bunch of really great beer lists, everything from a lot of Steel Toe to the crazier brews from Surly to some standards like Summit (which we really like). Thanks to everyone who replied and sent in their selections!

Chase and Ovation: The Prince Tribute

We’ve never seen Prince live because, well, we just never have. But we would. And since we’re such fans of tribute acts, we’re pretty excited for an entire evening with Chase and Ovation’s Prince Tribute at Bunkers where more than a few of Prince’s support has played. We’re hoping it’s the third most Prince-like experience you can have after Paisley Park (and the hassle that comes with it) and First Ave appearances (which you can’t get into anymore). Saturday, 9:30 PM. $7. —Toni Whitehead

Bunkers Bar & Grill, 761 Washington Ave N, MPLS;


Surly + Doomtree Cans at The Depot

You can now finally get a tallboy of the brew from Twincy’s newest besties Surly and Doomtree. Tonight, starting at 4 PM, the Depot at First Ave will be selling them, and then you should be able to get the cans in your neighborhood liquor store next Monday.

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