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Believe the Hype: PinKU Japanese

We’ve been meaning to visit PinKU, the new spot on University that’s part Japanese street food restaurant, part art installation, and part fresh food concept. We’re very happy to tell you that it’s all fantastic.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say this is exactly the model of food we need all over MPLS + STPL. First, the space is beautiful, well designed, importantly unique, and efficiently small. It could honestly be a pop-up at a modern design exhibition. Size-wise it’s also the missing link between our booming food truck scene and our successful hip restaurants.

Then there’s the food: PinKU sticks to only 11 dishes and they don’t have a back room for storage—everything is delivered that day. So it’s immediately fresh and very delicious. And even though the day-of delivery concept could bump up their pricing, their lunches are very affordable with sushi rolls or jumbo shrimp dishes in the $4-6.50 range, pot stickers in the same range. If this review sounds uncharacteristically gushing from us, it’s because we pretty much fell in love with the look and food of PinKU on our visit. And the service was top notch, too. Get over there when you can.

PinKU, 20 University Ave NE, MPLS;


Walker Skyline Mini-Golf

Tee up—on the terrace—and let the games begin! Amazing views and novelties await you on the Walker Art Center’s newest mini-golf course, featuring a giant hot dog, ping-pong paddles, a tricky chicken coop, and more.

Though the Walker/Minneapolis Sculpture Garden may be under renovation, the fun has moved up to the rooftop with a 9-hole course in one of Minneapolis’ most unique outdoor settings. Check out the sculptures and artwork on the roof, snap a shot with the city skyline, and take a trip through the galleries—every ticket includes free gallery admission for each golfer.

Who to Hear: Brilliant Beast

One of our editors likes to say “Oh local music, it’s sooo great, local music is amazing, only the most local music!” Sarcasm aside, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with our hometown talent—there’s so much going on, so much of it is good, and very little of it gets all the attention. With that in mind, here’s a rec from us on a MPLS + STPL band to hear and love.

Earlier this week we mentioned the kickoff show for a mini-tour featuring Italy’s Niev and MPLS + STPL’s own Brilliant Beast. The combination makes sense: Both groups make shimmering, atmosphere music that still offers catchy pop melodies with a perfectly produced sound, and we’ve been regularly listening to and loving Brilliant Beast’s newest album Dissolve. For this week’s Who to Hear, we checked in with BB’s Jordan Porter (vocals, guitar, brother of other vocalist and guitarist Hannah) as the troupe hits the road.

Secrets: What prompted the mini-tour with Niev? For you is the tour to develop a wider fan base or to get stage time or to try out new material or . . .?

Porter: Neiv came through the Midwest last fall touring with our friends Brief Candles from Milwaukee. We were also on tour and our paths crossed a couple times and we became mutual fans. They were nice enough to come back to the states and invited us to tag along for the tour, but we could only make a few dates happen, so hence the mini-tour on our end.

Touring is always for the same reason, which is pretty much what you listed. It’s a good chance to test new material, play to new audiences, and get the hell out of MPLS for a bit.

Secrets: BB had a busy 2015 with releasing Dissolve in the fall and a split with Fury Things in the Spring—both of which we’re big fans of—are there plans for more recording this year?

Porter: We’re going to be going into the studio in early September to start work on something, not sure what the final result will be, but rest assured it will be something.

Secrets: Is there a post-punk/shoegaze scene in MPLS + STPL that people should know about? Who do you regularly enjoy playing with/ hearing?

Porter: I wish there was a shoegaze scene in the cities, but it’s pretty non-existent. There’s a lot of garage rock/inside bands that slap on a reverb pedal and people will call them shoegaze, though. It’s kind of a catch all term for echo-y rock music these days. That’s not to say there aren’t bands in town that are doing it right. Dead Gurus and DIIE are super. Go to their shows. And I’d probably get jumped for not paying respects to Flavor Crystals. The ones who got out and made their mommas proud. So good.

Check out the music that Brilliant Beast has online, and stay tuned for future shows when they return from their touring stint.

Paisley Park Opens For Tours Starting In October

Sweet. We didn’t believe any of the rumors that Paisley Park, which served as local homebase recording studio for Prince, would be torn down as a result of settling his estate, of course. But it’s pretty great to hear that the location will be operated by the same company that operates the King’s Graceland estate. Tickets for tours go on sale this Friday.

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