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Twincy Pro Tip: Gyst Happy Hour

We’re always surprised when a bar or restaurant’s happy hour drops a dollar off a $6 beer or $9 cocktail. That’s not very happy! Come on! But we agree with tipster Anne T.C., the month-old happy hour at the newish Gyst (located next to Eat Street in MPLS) is something that will actually make you happy. The new fermentation-only venue—there’s a surprising amount of fermented food it turns out—combos their drinks with little snacks for cheap, like their House Kombucha Boz with Tom’s Minnesota Mix popcorn or a Great Divide ‘Nomad’ Pilsner (17oz!) with Potato Chips. Other wines and ciders come paired with olives or chorizo, so there’s something for everyone, especially at their $3-8 price point.

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Sometimes We Even Get Thank Yous

We get a lot of thank you’s for featuring events, like this one: “Thanks for highlighting [our event] in a recent issue of Secrets of the City. Over 200 people came to the reception. It was a terrific night and we know your coverage had a lot to do with it.” Hey, no problem. Our readers like to stay in the loop on what’s happening and they also go to things. If you’re looking to get the word out about your event —or your kickstarter or new app or line of shoes or beer—send us an email and we’ll send you our rate card.

Rolling Stones Play MPLS June 3rd

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Hang Fire! We heard rumblings that the Rolling Stones would be embarking on a North American tour with a MPLS + STPL stop, and that rumor turned out to be: TRUE. They’ll be here on June 3rd, either at the Gopher Football stadium. Expect tickets to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of your price range.

Jungle Theater Finds New Artistic Director

Big theater news, as younger leadership continues to step in to key theater roles in MPLS + STPL. After almost a quarter century, the Jungle Theater is this summer handing over Artistic Director duties to Sarah Rasmussen who will take over for Bain Boehlke, the founder of the theater back in 1991. Twincy theater-goers will likely know Rasmussen’s work—she not only won an IVEY Award in 2012 for In the Next Room at The Jungle, but she’s also directed shows for Mixed Blood and The Playwrights’ Center. That’s also in addition to her national directing credits. In additional Jungle Theater news, the Lyn-Lake theater’s Spring 2015 show And the World Goes Round opens this weekend and runs through the end of May.

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