2015 City of Lakes Loppet Festival


Nobel Creations: Inspired by the Nobel Prize – Exhibit Opening Night

Nobel Creations

Fairfax, AK + Pennyroyal + Nallo + Bad Bad Hats

Fairfax AK

“The thermostat setting debate in this weather can make or break up a relationship instantly”

More Weekend Happenings: Meanwhile, Indoors


The Cedar hosts another Drone not Drones, this one 28-hrs long, to benefit  Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF); The Minnesota Orchestra Crescendo Project throws a Winterfest happy hour and concert at the remodeled LOT 57; Piccadilly Prairie transforms into what will be a wildly popular Parisian flea market; author and critic Claudia Rankine makes what will be a wildly popular appearance at The Loft Literary Center; A quartet of local jazz musicians ask What Would Monk Do at Jazz Central Studios; Contempo Physical Dance returns to The Cowles Center with their new work Motirô; Memory Lanes sees a great homegrown line-up of ChalkNancy’s RaygunThe Grow Fangs and Prince Beast; Cover bands FTW at Lee’s with Blue Mondays (New Order Tribute); Trailer Park Queen (A Parody Band) and RuDeGiRL (Female Clash Tribute); and then you’ve got your Full Crates at honey for your dancing needs.


It’s Wheels of Misfortune as the Northstar Rollergirls take on Sioux City with music from Crunchy Kids and D a N C E B U M S; The Germanic-American Institute throws a Winterfest Karneval: a German Mardi Gras Party; The Mayday “Battle Train” is having a fundraiser at Palmer’s; The Wolf Council play their final residency installment at Grumpy’s Downtown with United Teachers of Music;
Disasteratti, and Maeth; More Than Lights play the Cabooze with Black Market Brass and Nooky Jones; And now for DJ nights we got Anything Goes at honey with DJ Str8Reppin; DJ Mike 2600 aka XL Mike aka Mike Davis and DJ Nak bring you Two Cool Cats at Ginger Hop; It’s finally another Attitude City Monthly Party at Clubhouse Jäger, this time featuring Craig Lambert; and DJs Freddy Fresh (now that’s a DJ name!) and King Otto bring Disco Fever to the Kitty Cat Klub.


Remember it’s Super Bowl, not Superbowl; Crust punks In Defence kick off their tour at the Minnehaha Free Space.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.39.22 AM

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3-Emoji Review

Third Bird’s Golden Beet Soup 

It’s kind of jarring to see a Bartmann joint in the old Nick & Eddie’s space, but that golden beet soup? Daaaaaaaamn, Gina! We could eat that every day. The chopped apples really add a je ne sais gina.

#Babneygate at The Current

Sure, it sucks when someone we like gets fired. But if you think The Current—or any media org—is truly as altruistic and community-oriented is it positions itself, then you’re just naive. Radio programming can’t be static forever (with the exception of Tom Barnard, which is a whole other 3-emoji review altogether), MPR can’t be expected to consult their members every single time they make a business decision, and Abney’s ratings were lower than all the other prime time programming, including somehow the morning show. Also, you can certainly choose to put your money and your ears elsewhere. So let’s all move on dot org, shall we?

The Band Box Diner is Staying Open After All

Hallelujah, and blessed are those who chipped in via GoFundMe to buy a new grill for this Elliot Park landmark. Next round of (not quite as greasy because they have a new grill) burgers on us.

Barb Abney Out at 89.3 The Current

Major Twincy drama yesterday: The Current ab-ruptly let go their afternoon DJ Barb Abney and swapped in producer Jade. The timing is just bananas—all last week it was impossible to avoid the “omg this is soooo fun” chatter around The Current’s 10th Anniversary events, several of which Abney was an integral part. There’s no real ‘why’ from MPR on she’s out, which makes the lay off even more dramatic, and her fans have been saying they’ll stop their MPR memberships over the episode (we’ll see).

Btw, speaking of The Current, we’ve started a new Current Drinking Game where, if you’ve got some beers and you’re listening to 89.3, see how many beers you can drink while the DJ is talking in-between songs. Our current record is four and a half during Dave Campbell’s set on a Saturday night.

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