Death From Above 1979

Death from Above

Death (DTA), Obituary, Massacre

Death DTA

Atlantis Quartet Recording Live at Icehouse

Atlantis Quartet

“The perfect place for some relaxing Sunday day-drinking, had it not been crawling with unsupervised toddlers . . .”

Rumor Mill: No More KFAI?

We’ve heard rumblings of serious financial problems at community radio station KFAI, but we wondered if that would change after their latest recent fund drive. Jon Collins at MPR reports that the station could be out of money—and we imagine off the air—by mid year next year, so we guess not. In addition to the money issue, and the fact that the station just eliminated their Executive Director position after 15-months, KFAI also has a serious listener issue: the station has a smaller audience than even The People’s Station KMOJ and Jazz 88, which run on a much smaller set-ups. It would be a bummer to lose some of the KFAI programming, especially our favorites Art Matters, Spin with Cyn, Crap from the Past, and of course the Root of All Evil.

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Notes from the Weekend

The Turf Club had a pretty good turnout Friday night for the Besnard Lakes, which sounded great. We had to head to the Clown Lounge when Sam Roberts band took the stage, though—they had a saxophone player for crying out loud; From several accounts, the Italian Fashion Third Thursday at the MIA was one of the most popular Thursday’s the museum has hosted; The Mall of St. Paul was having its Thanksgiving sale this weekend and we scored some great stuff from the Rank and File Vintage booth; Himalaya Cafe on Franklin, one of our absolute favorites, is moving into the old Kong’s spot on East Lake, which is great; The Slick Rick show was reviewed as “That dude is pretty old now”; We made our first trip to George and the Dragon, a cute place with a great beer selection that seemed like the perfect place for some relaxing Sunday day-drinking, had it not been crawling with unsupervised toddlers; Merlin’s Rest really packed in adults and no toddlers for pub trivia on Sunday night.

I Know, Right? 3-Day Work Weeks

Monday is Wednesday. Tuesday is Thursday. Wednesday is Friday. Why do we even bother with this week? #deepthoughts

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