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Burger Hunter: Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill

Somewhere wedged between Minnetonka and Maple Grove is a town that’s known for a playhouse and a lake filled with medicine. Plymouth is the 7th largest city in Minnesota and plays host to the Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill. It’s kinda like the Fountain of Middle Age. The Match dot com app runs heavy up in here. The menu is strong and arguably the beginnings of pin drop sitch. Anyways, the Bacon Cheeseburger is why we came in the first place. It’s all Angus, 💯. 1/2 pound of fine flavor, tasting the the grill and the flame char on the outer and getting that smooth clean med beef inner. The bun is grilled, semi-soft and fresh. Suh, add the bacon as it will always add and never take away (from the flavor). Pro-tip: bacon is commonly known to be a dominant ingredient but paired with a burger it brings out more flavor in the meat. No distractions here besides maybe that manther preying on the puma at the bar. (But in all seriousness it’s a good crowd.) Top your burger off with your choice of cheese and if you can’t decide always go cheddar, they have a good one. Melt factor is off-the-chart! Oh, and let’s clear the air on one little thing… When you order, it’s not “I’ll just have the burger.” It’s, “I’d love to try your burger!” No shame in your burger game… Go!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 7.9   Presentation: 6   Originality: 6

Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill, 4100 Vinewood Ln N, Plymouth;

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Burger Hunter: Black Woods Grill & Bar

Head “up north” two hours to Twincy’s home away from home—the cabin for the 99% has always, and will always be, Duluth, MN. And little did we know that Black Woods Grill & Bar has more than just an awesome pre-drive home hangover brunch. . . They also have a have a burger that is straight woke! The London Road Burger makes you want to take it home to the place you belong. Let’s just be honest John Denver probably loved Duluth. Okay, back to the olé Gitchigoomie meat wagon. Yeah folks it a big-un. 1/2 pound classic grind topped with Wisconsin cheddar and gruyere. Could be an OTP but so could a lot of cheese combinations. Being close to Wisconsin sometimes isn’t so bad. The thick-cut applewood smoked bacon is FR. Eat a small piece on its own so you know know. Lettuce, tomato, and crispy onion straws top it off with a little house made agate sauce. The bun is butter grilled, bringing even more crunch to this party. Cooked to absolute perfection so the chef gets a hang ten. All in all it’s a fun flavor ride made for a big bite! And technically Black Woods is the Last Place on Earth for every Millennial that just visited their pal at UMD.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.3   Presentation: 6   Originality: 8

Black Woods Grill & Bar, 2525 London Road, Duluth;

The Weekend Starts Now, S2 E12: Whitney-Lehr Ray + Sam Johnson

The Weekend Starts Now podcast taped the eleventh show of its second season at Indeed Brewing Company‘s barrel room on Tuesday, June 21. This weekly podcast is a joint project of the Heavy Table and Secrets of the City, and it covers art, music, food, drink, culture, and more in the Upper Midwest.

You can follow and listen to the show on Soundcloud, or play the show by following the links below. And you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Hear the whole episode here!

The Weekend Starts Now is brought to you by Indeed Brewing Company. Indeed Brewing Company cultivates an artfully eclectic lineup of distinctive flagship beers, well-loved seasonal releases, and adventurous specialty brews from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. Indeed Brewing: We’re not just brewing beer, We’re crafting experiences. We are thirsty creatures, Indeed. There’s more to explore at

Wherein James and Taylor talk about what they’ve learned this season and get on a dark tangent about “ways to go”.

We talk about the addictive caramels—and now chocolates and surprisingly spicy popcorn—of Annie B’s with Whitney-Lehr. (She also impresses us with her real live Super Bowl ring!)

Wherein Sam Johnson, a performer from MPLS and currently a performer in po-mo troupe SuperGroup, tells us about the upcoming Vital Matters festival of contemporary dance and performance.

We talk over the highlights of your upcoming weekend, including the big block parties, dance nights, and food events for your entertainment wants and needs.

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