Very cool lineup of Heidi Czerwiec, Chris Santiago, and Maya Jewell Zeller doing readings at Moon Palace Books. FRI. INFO.

We’re un-ironically excited to go see Warrant play at the Medina Ballroom. FRI. TIX.

See one of the all-time greatest films, Seven Samurai (1945) as it was meant to be seen, on 35mm at the Trylon. TIX.

Light Grey Art Lab is still in the spirit of romance with their reception for Tasteful Nudes, Innuendo, and #Lovesona. FRI. INFO.

Loud little show at the Hex when BLOOD BANKS releases their new EP w/ Lutheran Heat, Partial Traces, and St Paul Mudsteppers. FRI. INFO.

You can meet all the old school AWA wrasslers?! SAT. INFO.

Go to the Parkway early for Dark Crystal (1982) and then hangout in the hood until Paris 1919, Flavor Crystals, and American Cream w. DJ Christian Fritz, which is a perfect musical fit for the venue. SAT. TIX.

Twincy: Tribute Town™ show of the weekend is Harrison’s Jukebox: A Tribute to George Harrison at the Hook & Ladder. SAT. TIX.

Of course we’re going to let you know that the Chippendales: Let’s Misbehave Tour is stopping and stripping at the Varsity Theater. SUN. TIX.