Do NOT forget to go check out some Fashion Week happenings this weekend, but double check that tickets are still available because we warned you earlier this week and last week. [INFO]

The new trailhead is opening at Theo Wirth and it looks sick and you should go toast to it at their happy hour party that includes a sauna. FRI. [INFO]

The extra-spooky classic thriller M plays at The Trylon. [INFO]

Centerplay is an immersive twist on Vie Boheme’s signature theatrical dance experience and it’s running this weekend at The Southern. [INFO]

We cannot get enough of Jenn Champion and cannot wait to catch her opening for We Were Promised Jetpacks at The Turf Club. FRI. [INFO]

All the rap nerds in Twincy will pack back in to the 7th St Entry to see MC Chris rap about Star Wars and Pizza Hut and Deadpool and more, it’s going to be so awesome. FRI. [INFO]

Mina Moore aka Ysheyellin hosts a huge dance party at punk venue and sometimes book store Moon Palace Books. FRI. [INFO]

This year’s Surly Darkness Day in Sommerset is like Ozzfest with better beer and sorta better bands. [INFO]

We’re all going to check out the Parking Ramp project from Aniccha Arts in the parking ramp of Health Partners garage in Bloomington. [INFO]