Did you think that was all the weekend’s festivals? NOPE! The Stone Arch Festival also returns to the St. Anthony Main waterfront for a weekend of artist booths, food, music and more! [INFO]

Really great clothing boutique Cliché has been undergoing major changes and you can see what they are while have some champagne at their celebratory happy hour. FRI. [INFO]

Rogue Buddha gallery owner and artist Nicholas Harper and special guest artist Tony Angelino have their artist reception for current show Possibly Maybe. FRI. [INFO]

Big local artists Adam Turman and CHUX clean out their studios for their annual art garage sale happening at Steel Toe Brewing. SAT. [INFO]

Even more outdoor arts! It’s the LynLake Street Art series to create a huge mural. SAT. [INFO]

There’s a reception for the Philando Castile Relief Foundation taking place at Mia’s exhibition for Philando. SAT. [INFO] 

The fun-lovers in The Drug Budget throw a huge party at The Cedar for the release of their new album with guests Collapsing Stars and The Florists. SAT. [INFO]

A Traveling Medicine Show From Four Humors starring Jason Ballweber, Brant Miller, and Matt Spring puts the “con” into comedy at Strike Theater. SAT. [INFO]

Go protest the outrageous separation and internment of immigrant kids from their parents at a rally in MPLS. SUN. [INFO]