A great way to get involved in local politics is to attend a rally at the capitol, and there’s a great one for legalizing cannabis. FRI. 5 PM. [INFO]

A book like Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict is going to have a very niche audience, but if you’re in it, you’re going to be pumped. FRI. 7 PM. [INFO]

The Royal Wedding fancy party at Merlin’s Rest is way sold out, but you can still wear your hats to Brit’s. SAT. 5 AM. [INFO]

It’s the 7th Annual Zine Fest! SAT. 10 AM. [INFO]

You like burgers? Enough to try all the burgers at the annual Burger Battle at Harriet Island? SAT. 5 PM. [INFO]

Don’t forget that one of the fanciest parties in town is the Mia summer party and they still have tickets available! SAT. 8 PM. [INFO]

It’s the Season 3 finale of the always excellent Comedy, Variety, Music and Talk Show VAUDEVILLE REMIX with fire performers, comedians, magicians, and more! SAT. 8:30 PM. [INFO]

It takes a lot for us to recommend a packed show at the Fine Line, but after the throwback thrash metal maniacs in Power Trip topped basically everyone’s best metal albums list last year and it’s one of the hottest word-of-mouth shows right now, so we’ve no choice. Plus they’re joined by the absolutely fantastic vintage sounds of Sheer Mag. SUN. 6 PM. [INFO]

Don’t forget that big deal author Michael Ondaatje will be talking with other big deal author Louise Erdich about his big deal new book! MON. 7 PM. [INFO]