It’s such a natural fit—Ska-loween is happening at the Turf Club. Spooky, Ska-ry. [TIX]

Speaking of new wave fun, Just What I Needed and DJ Shane Kramer return to the bar at The Moxy in s’Uptown. [INFO]

The Parkway takes a break from the scares to fill up with laughs from comedian and TV actor Johnny Pemberton. [TIX]

Beloved 90s rockers Run Westy Run return to Mortimer’s. [INFO]

GWAR couldn’t be more Halloween, plus they’re playing with always solid Hatebreed, but it is out at Myth. [TIX]

We are trying to take a break from all the spoopy events to go to the Mia opening party for the Egypt’s Sunken Cities exhibition, which is going to rule. [INFO]

Want to go back to 1985 for your Halloween party? Transmission has you covered at Hell’s Kitchen (of course). [INFO]

Automatic Big Freedia inclusion. Go shake ya ass. [TIX]

DOYLE from the Misfits is here during Halloween weekend? What an opportunity! [TIX]

One of the best spooky movies you can watch is the original Suspiria (1977) at The Alamo. [TIX]