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Can anything really save a newspaper from the 21st century?

@champs: Absent a nationwide government-propelled program, like the Rural Electrification Program, to connect each and every dwelling in the state to broadband net access, I suspect paper will survive for a while longer outside the metro. It was only because of the REP, starting in the 1930s, that most farmers and their wives were able to read the paper by electric light.

In other news, the adult smoking rate in Minnesota is now roughly 16%, about 22% less than in 1999. Among college-educated Minnesotans, the rate is less than five percent.

No kidding. Deep in the comments section (which soon went nuts) I asked the question I ask all ethanol-haters. Okay, now that we know what you are against, what are you for?

@justpbob: $0.99 gasoline? ;)

I drive a gas-burner, too. But I think the days of 99 cent gas are in the rear view mirror.

The thing most people don’t realize is that you have to add something to gas to improve the octane.  These are called oxygenates, which are broken into alcohols and ethers.  In the past mostly ethers like MTBE were used oxygenate and raise the octane.  MTBE is extremely toxic and was the cause of most of the pollution from leaking fuel tanks.  I can’t even imagine how much replacing all those UST’s cost the US government in the form of rebates and toxic clean up.  Ethanol is really a good alternative to ethers because it is not derived from fossil fuels.

Ethanol also quicky breaks down if spilled on ground or water, unlike MTBE. We Minnesotans have been using a 10% ethanol blend in our gasoline for 12 years now. Works fine, no signifigant loss of mileage.

@justpbob: I agree with you but, oh, that doesn’t matter to some of those commenting knobs.
Btw, the state gasoline tax is still not tied to the retail price by percentage, is it? It’s still figured at a flat x number of cents per gallon no matter what the price is for a gallon? Imagine the revenue haul had our legislators had to foresight 10 years ago to have actually made a changeover to a percentage-based gas tax?