Your Morning Coffee

CBS Local: Jason interviews the new youtube fav “just learned to ride a bike kid”

MPR: State budget stalemate and politicking continues

KARE 11: I-94 buckles in the heat

PiPress: Hastings says ‘Those darn teens are back, turn on the anti-teen sound machine!’

STrib: The Ramsey County’s Charter Commission says voters should decide on tax increase for Vikings stadium

9 thoughts on “Your Morning Coffee

  1. Jason DeRusha

    I mostly do Good Question, but when it’s time for the big Gets. The big Exclusives. I’m still getting it done.

  2. champs

    Is it just not news when roads buckle in Florida/Arizona/Texas/et al? Personally, I think the interstate highways are built to keep natives in.

  3. kc!

    I think our roads are built more to handle cold weather and theirs are built to handle hot. If it got down to -10 in Florida/Arizona/Texas their roads would probably not handle it well.

  4. mnblrmkr

    likely. Our roads have to somehow handle 130+ degree temperature swings too.
    The other possibility: it’s just not national news? I kind of doubt Phoenix tv stations or the CBS Evening NEws are goingto cover a highway buckling in Minneapolis (unless there’s massive loss of lives)

  5. mnblrmkr

    Also toady: Pawlenty is set to announce his “Google test” of government services: if you can find a private company that does something through an internet search, the government shouldn’t do it.
    As David Brauer pointed out: Xe (Blackwater) is on the web. That means we should shut down the Defense Department.
    Pawlenty specifically citres the Post office, neglecting to realize that the USPS is sepcifically authorized in the Constitution.

  6. Rat

    I’m not speaking for Pawlenty, but maybe he’s thinking the Constitution can be amended. Maybe he’s just blowing political smoke to A)Get the right people hopping mad at him or B) Attract Attention. 

  7. kc!

    There are lots of private companies that do my job. And the employees of those companies also get paid a lot more than me and have less expertise in welfare programs than me. We should totally use private companies over public employees.

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