Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Reclaiming history, one headstone at a time, within the oldest Minneapolis cemetery.

Austin Daily Herald: USPS to close additional post offices, including the northern-most PO in the US: 56711. (It’ll be a 65-mile drive to the next-nearest one.)

Duluth News Tribune: Harbor bass to be studied for toxicity and “chemicals of emerging concern.”

PiPress: Staying close to home for the Memorial Day weekend? Here are 25 suggestions for metro patio dining.

Drive-ins: Summertime entertainment: There are just six drive-in theaters left in the state.

MDVA: A listing of Memorial Day events around the state, including Lakewood Cemetery.

4 thoughts on “Your Morning Coffee

  1. justpbob

    The MN deleagation should lead an effort to save the Angle Inlet Post office, at the very least. It’s a little piece of the USA, surrounded by Canada. They need and deserve a US Post Office. 

  2. Erica M

    We’re heading to Lakewood on Monday morning. It’s kind of a zoo, usually. I’m curious to see the construction, though.

  3. noodleman Post author

    @EricaM: We try to get to Lakewood a bit after the start of the morning observances ~10:30 a.m. Most years, we’re able to get in and out that way without too difficulty, and avoid the crowd coming-and-going. (Plus, the back gate is open for a quick exit onto King’s Highway.) Three years ago, when we had another cool-ish spring, the apple and crabapple trees were in full bloom and it was absolutely beautiful.

  4. Rat

    My years-long ability to avoid dining or drinking outdoors at restaurants and bars will be easy to carry over one more year, because it appear that it will never get warm or stop raining this summer. 

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